Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners 2017

Basic schools have long had these iconic, hand temperówki, ancient, metal numerals with ciałkami in the shape of an egg with sharp edges. They can be attached to a wall, table, countertops – anything that could withstand the pressure, the young palm wykręcającej on the handle.

A dangerous thing in the hands of children, and the reason I believe most school systems still prefer manually temperówki for electric, is that they have a few numbers that are small enough to fit inside temperówki.

When I was a child, often dare to put your pink paliczkę – or any other finger over the hole and turn the handle. Nobody was injured because the intensity of the sharpening fingers were directly connected with the accent on the handle and most of the kids she pulled the fingers as soon as I felt that the wheels rotate.

Most temperówek this genre, manual or electric, consists of two wavy barrels with moderately sharp edges. Your point pencil lead ends between the beczułkami and their edges dragged on the wood of the pencil, and graphite, which gives a sharper and sharper point on your ordinary pencil, when you have more time in a moving car.

Grinding machines electric have a simple sensor that detects the presence of the pencil by touch, or sensitivity, depending on the brand and model. Tell him point a pen tip, and the shelling will start clamping.

Model breeders have adjustable settings focus , which is especially useful for artists who want to have a certain point on their pencils before gluing them on paper. Some artists may even try to repeat the call the above mentioned students and fill their creations small, perfectly natural in red ink – I do not recommend this method.

Tip ołówkowa day
If you are a person ołówkową well know, a terrible feeling in your body when you break a pencil. Starts in your fingers and abruptly jumps on the shoulder, weakening his hand and making a line of life for your heart. The presence of sharp pencil in reserve-this is often the most rapid cure, but it is not always the case.

Maintaining the high quality temperówki in or around the place of work is the only way to preserve this fear trzaskaniem breaks in the creative progress. That electric ostrzarkę you choose for your business process largely depends on the ergonomics of space and your specific use of the above pencils.

If you wielozadaniowcem that can find when writing or drawing with one hand while mixing coffee and filing documents, on the other, you want Your electric sharpener had a hole in the top. Probably, some of the models with holes from the front have suction Cup and other tricks that keep them in place if you try to push them on a pencil with only one hand, but often end up pressing the same machines on a Desk without destroying a single layer of graphite.

With a vertical machine you can allow gravity to help by pushing with a pencil and down over the blades the blades until it is perfectly polished.

You can be more patient worker who strongly sympathizes with performing a single task at a time, savoring the specifics of their moments. For You tying sharpener will be fine, and usually is more high quality brand in the market, such as industrial manufacturers such as Bostitch whether providers of art, such as X-Akto.

Smashing competitors
In the world there are gift shops and stationary stores that sell you with innovative pencils huge. It is especially difficult to create, but harder to sharpen. You have to get to the earliest days of the pencil to find the correct method of sharpening a knife. The first blades for pencil knives and hands that have served to trim the edges of the raw pencil point, the tip of the graphite (a long time) played far enough to be able to use it.

Thanks to the French for the development of the original ostrzarek for pencils, of which the pattern of the first decades of the XIX century, not far from ostrzarek style prisms that kids still wear their piórnikach.

Mechanical temperówki who met in public schools around the world, appeared only in 1904, and their design were strikingly similar to modern models, although less efficient and more complex in its manufacture.

The first electric sharpeners, pencils were not far off, advertised Farnham Printing and Stationary Company in 1917. Several other companies such as Swingline and Polar Cub, has developed its own competitive version of the 50-ies. 60., but the boom in production has arrived with the explosion wielkopowierzchniowe shops business services such as Staples and Office Depot in the 90-ies.