Best Electric Coolers 2017

Prepared, so that on the family home or an exciting party, but you don’t really need to worry that you choose to stay at the gas station to pick up bags quickly melting ice to along the way to keep cold drinks and food .

You want the convenience , not to sit, to drink warm soda or eat rozmoczoną a sandwich made of Turkey in the middle of nowhere, if you don’t have to. In the end, why you or your family have to sacrifice quality repaint just because sometimes to travel? It’s true that you don’t need.

Portable stove refrigerator solves many basic problems related to travelling, if we are talking about food, drinks, entertainment on the go. This is achieved through the principle of cooling termoelektrycznego.

Cooling technology termoelektrycznego is the driving force easy operation portable electric microwave oven. Coolers use a thermoelectric phenomenon is known as a huge hole , which describes the process of transferring electric current through the junction of two different metals. This effect of heat on one side of the device is transmitted to the second. Hot side of the device is also connected to the radiator, which keeps it at room temperature. This helps to reduce the cold side below room temperature.

Maybe you think the concept of a portable refrigerator is quite easy and limited to small niches of consumers, but the fact that in addition to maintaining the sandwich of a Turkey on a cold and fresh, termoelektryczność is also a simple and reliable source for providing energy to other uses, including space and interplanetary travel .

For example, NASA used innovations Radioizotope thermoelectric generators (x-ray) for various missions, among other things, Apollo, Pioneer and Voyager. This technology provides ease without having to rely on solar energy. Due to the fact that power supply works for many years, because there are very few moving parts that need to be addressed. The same can be said about Your electric refrigerator. A small number of moving parts means minimal energy production and negative impact on the vehicle’s power source.

This is something that can make Your radiator
Electric radiators offer versatility not found in conventional refrigerators. Apart from the obvious fact that they are portable, these radiators are small and compact , making them excellent solutions for long travel. They are easy to open / close, and many of them offer thick insulation to maintain a constant temperature. Many available models of radiators can be used as upright or as a storage box, and provides a variety of options of shelves.

Moreover, the electric cooler requires no ice to keep cold. To some extent, the idea of eating or drinking in a puddle of melted ice gives you the confidence that is stored in fresh conditions. And bezchmurna refrigerator maintains freshness for a long time.

Finally, imagine that you are the party where you want to cook and want to give their guests ice cold beer. Your guests may not appreciate coming into a box with water in order to catch up on drinks. Defrost image makes life easier in this regard because the guests hands stay dry. You don’t need to worry that you will find a place where you can drain excess water. The use of cooling technology termoelektrycznego eliminates the need to spend these resources, while remaining safe for the environment, so you can enjoy this event without any guilt.

Evolutionary cooling effect
Early studies termoelektryczności began before the world wars in Western Europe, academic scientists gathered in Berlin. In 1821. Thomas Johann Seebeck found that a circuit made from 2 different metals and compounds at various temperatures odginałby magnet compass. Seebeck thought that this action was caused by magnetism appeared the same difference in temperature, and that could be something to do with the earth’s magnetic field.

He later said that it was the power termoelektryczna, which is responsible for electric current and that is the catalyst for the deviation of the compass. This temperature difference creates an electric potential which drives electric current in a closed circuit. This process became known as the Seebeck effect.

In 1834, a French watchmaker (and physicist on duty) Jean Charles Athanase huge hole found that the electric current will be produced the effect of heating or cooling combined 2 different metals, depending on the direction of current flow. A huge hole, I learned that heat can be removed from the call to freeze water into ice and that the direction of the current can be reversed to create heat to melt the ice. This dependence of the direction of electric current is known as the Peltier effect.

Twenty years later William Thomson (later known as Lord Kelvin) suggested a comprehensive explanation of the Seebeck effects and Peltier, leading to the third opening, the heat is absorbed or produced when electric current flows in material with a temperature gradient. This effect is known as Thomson effect.

The period between 1920 and 1970 is characterized by a succession of UPS and downs in thermoelectric research. However, starting in 2000. And later, the growing demand for alternative sources of energy has sparked new interest in this area, and also reissued the interest in using this technology to develop inexpensive and environmentally friendly applications.