Best Egg Poachers 2017

Before the advent of the egg poachers, that this dish was quite difficult. Without a special device Packed eggs by cracking the eggs and throw it in a pot of boiling, swirling water. This process, however, can be quite dirty. Your yolk can completely ruin if you break the shell, and finally you end up with a large accumulation of eggs. It may also be difficult to take the finished poached eggs from the pan without breaking the yolk. Poacher eggs eliminates these problems. Because poaching eggs use a pair for cooking eggs, you don’t need wyławiać the finished product out of the water. Poacher egg also has individual circles on each egg to skleiły.

Poaching eggs as a rule, consist of the usual pots and plates, which are circles of eggs. In order to swallow the egg, remove the plate miseczką eggs and fill the bottom pan with enough water to touch the bottom of the mug eggs. Usually it is a good idea also lubrication oil or butter in each circle of the eggs so the eggs don’t we want to convince them. Break an egg in each little Cup and put them back in the pan. Place the entire device on the stove and turn the burner height until the water begins to boil. You want just water, in boiling water; if less, then the proteins will separate from the yolks, but if it’s more than that the eggs can completely crumble.

When the water boils, you can cover the pan with a lid and reduce the heat to medium. Cook eggs for two and a half to three minutes. Those who prefer a firmer yolk, cook the eggs for another minute. However, narrow-eyed lovers can rejoice, because reports say that they are safe to eat . After the eggs using kitchen gloves or forceps to remove the circles of eggs. Eggs should be easy to remove from the pan and onto a plate.

Special features that you should look for
Kłusowniki eggs lined up on the outside stainless steel will be the easiest to clean and incredibly durable. If we are talking about the interior, you can find mugs for eggs that are made from the same nieprzywierającego Teflon, which you can find in full patyczkach nieprzywierających. They are ideal for people who want to reduce the consumption of butter and oil. Some poaching of eggs have trays on the mug with the eggs with small handles on each Cup that makes it easier to extract eggs. To obtain the best conductivity, search the pan, made of anodized aluminum is more durable than ordinary aluminum.

There are a few poachers of eggs that are able to produce other complex dishes with eggs, like an omelet. If you are trying to master the omelet , save yourself problems and buy a poacher with omletową tray. These more complex devices typically have a built-in clock and indicate when the second dish will be ready. This is very useful because rozgotowanie eggs and a half minutes can ruin their texture.

Make sure that the lid and pan have heat resistant handles, so as not to hurt when removing from the oven. To get the most out of the poacher, make sure that the pan under the cups for eggs has properties that you like, such as large, non-stick surface. So you can remove the mug from the eggs and use the pan to make other dishes.

The story of eggs in the food
Birds existed on this planet for a long time, before there have been humans. Historians believe that the first birds that people just got fished out of eggs for consumption was the view of the jungle . In Eastern India people oswoili birds from the jungle of year 3200 BC. But in that time people could have saved most of the eggs to hatching to save the bird population. Companies, the Chinese and the Egyptian in 1400 BC also udomowiały poultry and eat eggs. Every society prefer different types of bird eggs; The Chinese initially the most loved eggs of pigeons, the Romans ate the eggs of birds, and the Phoenicians destroyed ostrich eggs.

The ancient Romans and Egyptians are the first who use eggs in baking, because I found the properties associated with food.Roman szlachcicom filed dozens of types of bread and biscuits, which turned to eggs, and the recipe on one of your old scapegoat cakes require eggs. A rich Roman merchant Marcus Gavius Apicius was allegedly the first to use the eggs for making custard.

While chicken eggs have become the most widespread at present in stores, there are still numerous other tasty varieties.The choice of sales of eggs in a dozen comes from the old measurement system. In nineteenth century England, one shilling was equal to 12 cents. So people could either for the egg for a penny, or a dozen for a shilling.