Best Earbuds With Mics 2017

Because the modern era requires simplification of our complicated lifestyle, many elements of daily life performs so many functions. Consider a mobile phone which has evolved over many years, as a device designed to connect an integral part of everyday life. Modern mobile phone combines a web browser, game console, phone, and thousands of apps with a computer the size of a palm.

Although the change was not so sharp in the world of headphones, headphones with microphones allows multiple people to work with greater ease and efficiency than ever before.

Office-ear earphones with MICS do not require a way to communicate with colleagues or to implement business relationships. Complete sets-sets often close and put pressure on the head. This can lead to increased pain stress common in office workers. Another option is to call hands-free, but it’s much less private and interferes with the colleagues during the conversation. In-ear earphones with microphone is a convenient option for any professional business.

The use of headphones with microphones is a great way to improve safety while driving . The ability of the driver to safe response to threats on the road is much less, as one of his hands holding the phone. Although talking while driving may be the best option, in-ear headphones with built-in MIC is ideal for conversations that need to be done .

Of course, you can’t miss the comfort of headphones. In-ear headphones are much less comfortable than headphones, and often get to a gym or other exercise classes. The ear is less susceptible to loss from the head while working on a treadmill or elliptical position and equally comfortable during weight lifting as while Jogging. Bike headphones are more aerodynamic. They are also less likely that full headphones will cease to flow when driving at high speed. Headphones with built in microphone-this is a great example of technology used to create multi-functional tools that improve the overall quality of life.

History headphones with microphones
On the surface headsets and microphones exactly the opposite. One is used to listen to the sound, the second is used to receive sound. But history, speakers, headphones and microphones includes several ways.

History headphones reached the beginning of the XX century. They are designed in such a way as to allow one user to listen to music in private, placing little speakers on the head, on the ears. Inventor Nathaniel Baldwin received credit for the invention of the first headphone and its first customer was the U.S. Navy, shortly before the first world war. Baldwin released the headphones on your kitchen table and created a story.

Since then, headphones have found a way for many industries and professions. The first combination of headphones and microphone headset was glorified operators central . Was also preferred by aircraft pilots in the armed forces. Because the first headphones were bulky and required operators control panel to run their sew, to be able to serve them, the cries of their easy swing.

The nineties brought mobile phones, and the success in business has allowed handsets to become light enough for daily use and allow you to use your phone without using your hands. Modern advances have introduced Bluetooth technology for headsets, the invention insoles dousznej and improving ergonomics to reduce fatigue of the listener.

How to work headphones on-ear headphones with microphones?
To provide more functionality headphone with microphones, there are several elements that manufacturers should consider in their products.

How speakers and microphones work on electrical circuits. In the circuit main current flows from the power source to the device and then from the device to a power source. It is considered a complete chain. If the device is off, the circuit cannot be completed and the device will not work as intended. When the device is turned on, current flows from the device to the power source and the device starts to work.

Headphones this electrical signal must be converted into sound. To do this, speakers include electromagnets and use a process called induction. Induction is how a current, which moves through a magnetic field. In accordance with Faraday’s law of induction, the interaction between the magnetic field and electric circuit creates a current in the field. In the dynamics of this current varies, then a small membrane inside the speaker. This membrane varies, translating these movements into sound waves that reach our bębenków in the form of music, audiobooks, podcasts, and speeches that we know and love.

Microphones headphones headphone with microphone-this is another form of the transducer. As you can guess, this process works in reverse. The microphone works to translate incoming sound waves at the entrance, which can be understood through the electronic device. To do this, the microphone based on such membrane speakers. Membrane microphones are very thin pieces of material such as paper, aluminum or plastic, which are placed near the coil. When he uderzana sound waves, this membrane vibrates in turn. The vibrations cause a similar movement in the coil, which then converts the sound into an electrical signal which must be transmitted by the cable to any device that is connected.

To safely add a microphone to the mix in the headphones with microphones, often, the changes introduced in the 3.5 mm socket. At the end of the input cable headset most headphones includes 2 rings. The tip of the socket sends a signal to the left ear, the first ring gives a signal to the right ear, and a second ring for electrical grounding. When the microphone is switched on, before ring network, you must add a third ring to signal that the microphone is connected. In combination, these factors contribute to the fact that headphones with microphones, they are complex and simple at the same time wonders in the world of audio.