Best Dual Monitor Stands 2017

Currently, much attention was paid to establishing and maintaining an environment for work. Some jobs argue that private offices are crucial to performance, while others prefer the approach of the salon to maximise the use of available space, while ensuring privacy to each employee. Open plan office, in which offices, partitions, and often even the tables were abandoned for larger premises with communal tables and numerous signs were insanely popular a few years ago, though its use is reduced.

Although you may not have more influence on the location of the place of work, you can, of course, to take control of their immediate place of work, if you have a few square feet, a Desk or table to call his own. When you configure the ideal personal workspace is necessary to consider form and function, i.e. how it will look in the working space and how to interact with him.

There are many aspects related to design of work space and many of them are too specific to a particular industry or personal preferences that need to be mentioned here, but as a primer, consider the following:

Ergonomics the Height and position of your screen or computer screens can have a direct impact on the ease of neck, back and other parts of the body. And comfort can directly affect performance.

The use of the table – Do you regularly navigate documents or diagrams on my Desk that requires a large amount of open space? Your work is almost completely on the screen?

Common space – Whether others should use of work space when You’re not there, and sometimes at the same time? If so, you should take into account the equipment that allows you to easily adjust the height and corners of the screen, and maybe even from the height of the table.

Sitting or standing, Although it is not clear whether the work is on your feet helps to burn a lot of calories, as briefly believed it, but now it is not worth studying, can certainly help some people focus. But sometimes you need a break. Does this mean that the stand to the monitor and / or Desk can be adapted to the height you need to make a regular adjustment was a viable option?

The choice stands on two monitors
You know the type of work you do, so you know that allows perfect positioning of the monitor. Making sure you choose a stand which allows for this position, you must consider several key factors.

The first factor to consider is the type of attachment . Most stands of the monitors attached to the table with the screws, putting pressure on the puck end-to-end, which slides under a table / Desk. Some items of furniture, such as monuments, elements made of soft wood, and even smaller, thinner tabletop may not be able to accommodate the pressure or weight of a loaded monitor stand, which is thus fixed, thus, it is necessary to take into account the furniture, when taking into account fixed or propped up her.

Next is height adjustable. While most monitors can be adjusted up or down at least several inches, some may not provide enough flexibility for many users. Please note that both minimum and maximum height of the screen, especially if you want to stand in the workplace that need to be taking into account other factors.

The last factor is price. The price range that you will find in this category, really stunning. There is a rack with two monitors, which sell for less than $ 35, and sold more than twelve times more. If you are going to use a configuration with two monitors every day, consider some of the models with the higher shelves .

However, if you are going to use it the same way every day, which means that you do not alter the height or angles of the monitors (or, at least, you do it very rarely), there is no need to use cadillacowego of rack level on the monitor .

The use of a dual rack monitor
Perfect angle of view on the computer screen about 15 degrees down from level. Scientists have calculated based on standard rest position for the eyes, when no specific object is not focused on them. This is the perfect degree for most people of average size and decent relations, means, monitor (or multiple monitors) installed so that the top screen is compatible with the eyes of the audience. This allows for a little direction eyes down while working on the screen.

If we are talking about the perfect distance for viewing , usually it is assumed that it is 20 to 40 inches, depending on the view of man and his state of health. Find too close to the monitor can cause your eyes too BKI; being too far can cause they will work too hard to keep concentration. Select the tripod for the monitor that will allow you to get closer to this area, considering your job, because you can only move the seat forward or backward.

And don’t underestimate the positioning of the monitor, since we are talking about something more than comfort and convenience. Incorrectly positioned monitors can eventually lead to loss of productivity , discomfort and headaches, vision problems and even injuries, such as damage to the musculoskeletal system. When using a pair of monitors every day, is choosing the right stand for the monitor can literally be the difference between days of work that succeed and neck pain.