Best Dry Erase Boards 2017

For decades, most offices, locker rooms, lecture halls and even showrooms always contain some form of array. And not without reason. The Board was perfect for the publication of the latest notes that everyone could see. This dynamic began to change in the early nineties. Board for dry cleaning was a viable alternative for many reasons.

The main advantage of using array for dry cleaning in the class was to reduce the level of dust that has had a significant impact on all students with asthma or other allergies related to dust . In addition, studies have shown that the use of bright markers for white boards has led to the fact that words and images stand out-creating a lasting image in people’s minds.

Many managers prefer boards dry erase chalk boards, because the use of a marker eliminates any possibility on getting a white film on all athletes, dresses, carpets and floors. Moreover, clients flip charts boards are smaller than the average Board, which facilitates cleaning , deleting, and moving from one room to another.

Travellers, merchants and prezenterowie prefer a Board wipe Board to Board suchościeralnych because clients flip charts and whiteboards do not require a Ziploc handbag and suitcase with the portfolio to the chalk and eraser to prevent dust from getting on all valuable materials, or the back seat of the car. With an array if you lost the rubber band, temporarily no luck. Dry wymazującą Board all you need is a handful of paper towels or cloth.

What can you say about the Board for dry-cleaning on the surface
Consumers who want high quality discs for dry-cleaning, almost always choose the one with porcelain or enamel on the steel surface. These boards are permanent. They will not disappear, no scratching, and many of them have a lifetime warranty . In addition, plate steel and porcelain do not leave marks or traces, and the magnetic, which is beneficial to post notes that everyone wants to see.

Many suchościeralnych semi-finished products made of laminate with melamine resin or drive . Melamine plates are not magnetic and are usually spotting if they are not removed regularly. More importantly, some plates made of melamine and laminate are prone to wear which have the same potential for smooth matted surface as small fragments on the workpiece and the observation piece of wood.

Plate made of tempered glass simple and effective, and look prestigious when they are on the wall. The main disadvantage of these boards is that they are relatively expensive and usually must be fixed that will not allow them to move with them in General.

Ultimately, the choice of the Board to remove the dry comes down to a question of your needs. Melamine and laminate should fit well into any rest area or bedroom, while steel, porcelain and glass should be zrezygnowane of the more prestigious areas , such as, for example, a Suite for executives.

A brief history of the Board for the dry cleaning (in the words of its inventors)
British photographer Martin ‘ invented the first “white Board to erase” at the end of the fifties. During the year ‘ used standard markup to create and delete notes on their cinematic bad . Convenience, in the end, led Heita to create a Board made of a laminate of folic acid. When the Board Heita is complete, you may wipe it with a damp cloth.

A few years later, an American Manager of a steel albert Stallion noticed that, enamelled steel provides a perfect writing surface and remove notes with a magic marker. Ready for capitalization, the Stallion refused to work in Alliance Steel and founded a new company called Magiboards. Magiboards went into production in the early sixties. The aim was to create the first task force, aimed at the educational market .

Martin ‘ has already sold the rights to his white Board, erase. Board Heita she was made by magic markers, which is also planned to direct to the educational market. The problem with either of these companies was that their boards were completely dependent on “wet” magical marks that contributed to the fact that the glossy surface of the array seemed grubby and stained. This problem was not solved until the early seventies, when it was introduced the first “dry” magic markers.

Despite the problem, this last “Board available flip charts” remained slow to catch. It all began to change in the 90-ies., when the U.S. Department of Education stood up in the face of fears associated with exposure to chalk dust on the young students who suffered from asthma or other allergies related to dust. In this regard, the Board lighting has become a popular alternative.

Today, you can find boards available flip charts in classrooms, offices, corporate , warehouses and classrooms of schools around the world. Dri Mark is the company which is the British photographer Martin ‘ sold his invention currently has headquarters in new York. Magiboards company that was originally founded by American inventor albert Stallion – has its headquarters in London.