Best Dog Backpacks 2017

For centuries dogs have been animals associated . One theory of the evolution of this relationship suggests that wild wolves roaming around the human camps thousands of years ago. By doing this, and staying brave, and, at the same time, created an emotional connection between people and wolves, leading to the ultimate domestication of the animal, which raised the genre to a fork in several popular breeds that we know today. This connection between dog and man is not showing any signs of changing soon. Like dogs spakowanezwierzęta, appreciate the follow-up task. This may include wypasanie, chasing a toy, to play the role of the animal in the business or just marking on tour trailers. For this reason, it makes sense that the dog was equipped to own a backpack that will carry your own equipment (and your) when follow you on the way or going for a walk.

Most backpacks designed for poetry is suitable for virtually any type and size of dog, and is easy to find on their body in the same way as a saddle is placed above the horse. Beyond the obvious need for storage of additional equipment during the adventure with Fido, backpacks, specially engineered to serve several unique purposes. First, let’s start with ideas training . If you ever been a dog owner, you have probably noticed that through the repetition of certain behaviors or use of certain objects at a time, in the presence of the dog, it warunkować him to associate the object with certain emotions or actions następczymi, such as a reward. I know for example that when I take out the ball (or even pronounce słowopiłkę) around my dog, he is crazy and makes very excited. Why? Because he knows what the game is. The same can be said of the backpack. Not only introduce a dog into work mode , but learns to correlate it with the upcoming adventure or the desire to go for a walk. This can be a valuable learning tool. In the same yearly basis, using the backpack as a means to improve the ability of your pet to focus, giving him a job to perform. This level the focus moves to training leash, if the dog tends to become aggressive or pull on the leash, which further sets the backpack as a means of soothing the animal.

Secondly, the addition of backpack for routine exercise provides a release of excess energy. Download pocket things like soup cans , books and even their own toys and food to add some healthy weight and workout intensity. The size of the weight in the backpack should be equal to the fraction of the total weight of the dog, so he wasn’t burdened with too great weight.

Thirdly, a backpack, making Your pet mobile. On a cell phone I mean that, as the dog may be your thing as its easier to go on trips in the same way as a traveler can wander the desert during the expedition sleeping bag and other items hauled on the rope.

Finally, a backpack, pay enough attention to the dog, making it easy to spot and won’t let him get lost on the route. Many packs have reflective strips, which will be useful while walking through the dark streets at night.

It’s all about the dog and your circumstances
Before you decide to invest in a backpack for your furry friend, remember that comfort, safety, durability and plenty of space for storage must be in Your major considerations. Remember that your pet is as susceptible to appearance as you are, so consider a backpack with additional padding, in order to minimize the shock and breathable siateczką to provide him cool during exercise. Some of the best backpacks are made of durable cotton and nylon fabric to prevent rozdarciom or rozdarciom.

During a joint picnic and Hiking should remember about additional elements, such as built-in irrigation system and deep side pockets that allow Fido to carry their own food and water. Feeding and watering it on the way can clear up more space while lessening the burden that you must carry. You have to decide how many partitions, which packing will have to store, and separate food, water and other items.

If you plan to travel in rain, snow or in the dark, make sure Your choice is bright, waterproof and has reflective strips that are good for Your dog, which does not wet it and do not crash.

Before the procedure, the dog in the backpack, discuss with your veterinarian a weight problem. Depending on their size and bone structure some breeds can have up to 25% of its own weight, while others have great difficulty. Long-legged breeds have easier time to carry heavy loads and to absorb shocks than those on short legs. Always measure the deepest part of the chest of Your dog, to ensure compliance with the straps of the backpack and sprzączkami fastening. In the end, its comfort and ease of movement should remain two main problems.

If you want to keep a reliable control over your dog, of course, search options using the buckle for a leash and an integrated top handle , which allows you to keep an animal if you cross a shallow river, and you have to catch the dog quickly.

A brief history of backpack for dogs
The history of the modern backpack is difficult to determine, mainly because many different types and styles have emerged in different times in different cultures. For centuries people uses bags, baskets or bags on the back, with a very ancient tool wzmiankami Windows 3300 BC and belong Oztiego Lodziarza . Unfortunately, the backpack Otziego was not well preserved.

And the first well-preserved backpack under Sekk Med Meis comes from Norway in the 80-ies. The nineteenth century and transferred to the purse frame . It was a wooden frame to which was tied a primitive bag, and used it to store their personal belongings in travel. It was not exactly the same style that today’s modern backpacks, with several locks and reflective strips, but this is an evolution of the modern apps in a backpack.

Militarizacja and mechanization of the first world war at the turn of XIX and XX centuries has provided plecakowi more common functions for which it is still known and used.

In 1922, Lloyd F. Nelson patented the backpack Trapper Nelson, which was based on previous projects of Indian goods, and were built for hunting purposes.

In 1952, the Duo of husband and wife by the name of dick and Nena Kelty started to manufacture packs out of my home in California. Their design was charakteryzowana through an external aluminum frame that goes through the entire length of the backpack with an integrated waist belt for better weight distribution.

Backpack for dogs to become more visible at the turn of the XXI century with the same basic idea as using heavy cotton fabrics, breathable mesh material and durable side pockets to allow your futrzanemu other to carry part of the load, at the same time accompanying his owner a number of adventure.