Best Cutting Machines 2017

Cutting machines for doing that work specialized scrapbookerów and map makers simple. Most models can cut matrices, regular cutting and stamping. Old machines for cutting by hand and requires the operator to he turned the knob or pushed the lever to send the knife and die. Later models are activated by pressing a button or using the touch screen.

If you want to add more solid materials, such as cloth, rubber or foam, it can be useful for cutting machine industrial quality. They can cut virtually any material, and their blades do not zaczepią not deteriorate during complex projects. If you create products more than standard paper, search cutting machine with extended platform.

To get more complex projects or high demand, to find a model that can be connected to the computer. They offer unlimited design possibilities; you can take any picture found on the Internet (discussed copyright) and transfer it to the material. These devices are usually compatible with the printers, which means that if you print the pattern on standard paper, the device can detect and trim them precisely. Since these additional devices must be connected to the computer while working, do not offer portability of models. If you need versatility, use of cutting machine, which can connect with the computer, but it also allows you to manually insert and move the matrix of the fabric.

As the cutting machine can save money
In case of important events such as weddings and anniversary parties, most people want to have invitations that are different. In a time when the wedding invitation was a practice reserved exclusively for the wealthy , today the pair by all means should pass fine invitations. Ordering them from a stationary company can be expensive – projects with embossing or teksturowanymi patterns can cost up to $ 5 for the invitation – but you can make them at home for pennies. Machine for cutting on the large platform allows you to create several feet of paper with charming patterns and seizure them in a perfectly symmetrical map.

Gift boxes for wedding gifts are always a nice touch, but the shop with the capacity to charge a high price for each box. Fortunately, you can make your own. Download the template with an accurate cut sizes for the box. With the help of cutting machines that can cut thick paper or cardboard, you can create your own box and stack them in accordance with the instructions of the template.

During the festive period, a common practice is the addition of dozens of tags, gifts, for gifts, and the cost can quickly add up. Designs in the shops is limited, as a rule, just a display of Santa Claus or snowflakes. Thanks to the cutting machine it is possible to manufacture hundreds of tags prezentowych for a fraction of the cost of the version purchased at the store and unlimited design possibilities. To configure labels, you can include portraits of the recipient of gifts and photos of their favorite Hobbies. We all appreciated a greeting card home work. Use your computer to create words and pop-up scenery, and make the map in a unique shape,like a cake.

History of machines for cutting
The first cutting machine is designed for cutting fabrics. In 1888, Canadian inventor, George Eastman made the first fractional motor mounted on the base of the cutting. The engine is attached to the mechanism piston . The invention Eastman made that dull, hand cutting fabric factories has already become the past. He then founded the Eastman Company in 1898 with an investor named Charles Stevenson. Ultimately, Stevenson took over full ownership and passed it on to the family generations that dostosowywały machine.

In 1908, died Charles Stevenson, and his son, Wade Stevenson, inherited the company. In 1920-1965 years, Eastman introduced engines with more power and weighs less than the original model. Also expanded the range of machines for cutting to their product was more attractive for markets outside the garment industry. One of the most popular enhancements automatic machine cutting knife, which allows precise edges and makes the car safer for Amateurs.

After Wade Stevenson died, his son Chuck Stevenson headed the firm, and finally, passed it to Robert and Wade SARS Stevensonowi, Jr. Brothers Stevenson introduced user-friendly features for its products such as hand, rotary shear, heavy manual machines, advanced solutions in the field of materials handling and the patented lubrication system.

In 1995, Eastman purchased the largest sailor in the world – North Sails Group. This stimulated the creation of a computer-controlled cutting machines. The company North Sails used niszowymi markets in the aviation industry, dywanowej, insulation, vinyl cutting and automotive industries. It helped Eastman to expand the range of activities in a number of new industries.