Best Crepe Pans 2017

Crepe is the French word for pancake and, unlike pancakes common in America, not fluffy, but quite thin. They are also traditionally made from buckwheat flour . The origin of the crepe lies in Brittany in France.

Brittany sent with the mainland, France and is surrounded on three sides by water. This led to the fact that it was an isolated region on the harsh, rocky terrain which is not suitable for growing most types of crops. The culture of Britain was a little different from the rest of France, and is known from British influence.

In the XII century in the region grew little plants, so when along came the buckwheat with high protein and high fiber grains with high nutritional value , the Bretons gained complete freedom. the advantage of this. Zmiażdżyli it and combined with water to create a dough. It was imposed on the hot pan with butter and spread a thin layer of wood scraper. Both sides have been cooked and then filled with what local ingredients become fresh at this time.

Sweet and savoury pancakes, originated from the time when I first made the pancakes. Two of the most traditional and familiar of pancakes is a basic but tasty version with lemon and sugar crepe with ham and cheese. Another extremely popular crepe, crepe Suzette, which is made of oranges, sugar and brandy, has an interesting and slightly controversial origin . Some stories tell about a young waiter who accidentally set fire to krepowy dessert on fire, serving the Prince of Wales, while others argue that the same young waiter often made this as a dish for my mom.

What to pay attention to the crepe pan
There are many discussions on the best material for frying. Dying some traditionalists believe that cast iron is better, but others feel the weight and care of a small cast iron pan. May prefer stainless steel or nonstick Teflon pan. Regardless of what pan you choose to purchase, there are several things that should have every good frying pan, or not at all.

All good pans, they had a low side. It makes flipping pancakes gets easier without accidental damage when you are trying to insert szpachelkę at the bottom. Another feature of a good frying pan naleśnikowej is a thick bottom. Thin pans are often heated unevenly , which can lead to the appearance of crepe occurred in one place and small in another zrumienienia.

When choosing pots, you need to consider the shape of the holder. You want to find a pan with a long handle that won’t hot and is comfortable to hold in hand. When you become better when you make pancakes, you can begin to flip through . You will probably also raised the pan to drain the finished pancakes on a plate. Possession of a frying pan that is not too heavy and comfortable handle will help you to quickly move on to those advanced techniques.

It would not hurt to buy a pan with a wooden frying pan . Spreader will help You to create a perfectly flat pancakes with no thick spots.

Tips for getting the perfect crepe
Making pancakes, there are several tips that will increase your chances of manufacturer perfect . Before you start cooking, it is best to make the dough and then refrigerate for at least an hour before it hits the hot pan.

During the mixing of flour and water when mixing the cake batter, the gluten is formed . Leave the dough for an hour in the refrigerator gives glutenowi time to rest after mixing to create a more light and airy pancakes.

It would be best to use a pan for cooking pancakes during the cooking of light meal, because they are designed with features specially adapted for their execution. If you do not have the pan for slicing, select a heavy pan with a thick steel, which is heated evenly . If the pan is not heated evenly across the surface, which will lead to uneven Browning, which can change its delicious taste, but also to ruin her bad appearance.

Another huge component for the preparation of a pancake, in addition to a pan temperature control. It is not difficult to achieve, but requires a little finesse, if not more trials than errors. Regardless of whether you have a gas stove, electric or induction, be aware of maintaining a continuous source of heat. If the pan is too hot or too cold, when the time comes to cook your crepe could end up most likely strict or locked and lasting.

During cooking the first pancake is often necessary to use a larger amount of oil than the following pancakes. This helps to fully cover the fat with fat, ensuring that the pancakes are brown and not stick. Your first crepe might seem too oily and a little crispy, but it will facilitate the preparation of other krep. If you do it right, you don’t have to add in pan with more oil, up to four or five pancakes later.

Finally, and very important, do not flip the pancakes too early . Most likely, if you try too soon to remove krepkę, it will tear. In the best case, will not be time to bottom fully zrumieniło.