Best Cotton Candy Machines 2017

Everyone who ever was a student, remembers a time in your life, when candy was almost considered a religion. Remember those childhood days when I kept a weekly pocket money to go to the nearest store with products and confectionery and load all these delicious sweets. Let us now consider the times when they lived in carnivals, circus or carnivals.Maybe you still go to these places with your children today.

One of the most important parts of Your experience at these places is food that consists of all kinds of sweet and fried sweets, which are not spożywałbyś every day. One of these sweet indulgences were quite a big ball of cotton candy. If you ever wondered, where does, how prepared and how to reap the sweet benefits of home, look no further.

Further tales of the filament, cotton candy is a special form of the yarn of sugar.Is in the process of heating, condensing and spinning granular (and often color) sugar in very thin stripes. These splotki called a Cup of sugar . Appeared a ball of cotton candy made mostly from air, from threads of sugar and weighs about one ounce per serving. Cotton candy generally sold at the fairs, the carnival, and even at Japanese festivals. As a rule, is placed on the folded paper or some plastic stick. In many cases food coloring and flavors to obtain the envelope of cotton candy.

Most currently used machines for cotton candy has a rotating head, which surrounds a small margin of the bowl, designed for filling with melt sugar and food coloring. Built-in heaters near the rim of the rotating head roztopiają sugar. Through the use of a centrifugal force machine, the molten sugar is then squeezed out of tiny holes where it solidifies in the air before it gets into a large bowl surrounding the spinning head. Because this process takes a long time, spun sugar, still gathers in a large bowl. The operator of the machine winds wirowany the sugar with the edge of the bowl around a paper cone or groove for distribution.

Currently, individual servings of cotton candy can be sold through vending machines.Most machines available today on wool cukrowniczej the size of the countertops in the house are large, commercial machines of up to three pounds of sugar with partitions for storage of different tastes.

A brief history of machines and equipment for cotton candy
Believe it or not, the first electric machine for cotton candy was invented in 1897 by dentist William Morrison in collaboration with confectioner John C. Wharton.Yes, that’s right you read a humorous sense of irony. One of the inventors of machines for cotton candy was a dentist. Together, Morrison and Wharton introduced the machine to a large audience at the world Fair in 1904. And react to the sweet as fairies . This machine is for the cotton candy stapiała sugar, and used forced air przepychania sugar through a sieve of wire.

In 1900, Thomas Patton received a separate patent for the development of a machine that created long threads of caramel sugar, which can wrap around the fork.

If the surprise of one dentist wymyślającego machine for cotton candy wasn’t enough, consider that Joseph Lascaux, a dentist from Louisiana, invented a similar machine in 1921 and was responsible for patenting a product under the label of cotton candy . In 1949, gold medal Products of Cincinnati, Ohio set machine for cotton candy, which contained an elastic Foundation, which greatly improved the manufacture of the confection. Currently, the company still manufactures most of the devices for sugar cotton wool in the market.

Until the seventies of the automation machines for the production of sugar was not distributed, so there is no possibility of producing in mass quantities for wide distribution and made that the scale of production was rather small. All this changed in 1972 when the patented the first machine for automatic cotton candy.

Currently, the cotton candy is not only fast, but also available in different flavors including banana, raspberry, vanilla, watermelon and chocolate with natural and artificial flavors.

Consider your options
Regardless of whether you are a small business owner, or kids love the occasional treat of cotton candy at home, there are a lot of cars that will satisfy almost all needs. However, you should take into account several factors.

Strength, speed and endurance of the engine and the heating elements are important, especially if you are going to use the machine often in small business or when you plan the birthday celebration with a large number of children. You also need to have the confidence that comes with the bowl has a capacity large enough to accommodate several servings at once.

Some of the machines for cotton candy also include your own cart and built-in drawers for money , which will be useful during transport of the machine in different places, for the sale of confectionery on the street or during exhibitions and events.

In addition, the presence of a mechanism disabling bowls candy floss is essential for cleaning purposes. The ability to control and adjust the temperature, it is also useful in case any machine cotton candy, because this ensures that the mixture will seem correct.