Best Color Laser Printers 2017

The history of the modern printer probably begins with the development of the first real paper, which was developed in ancient China, probably during the first century of the common era. Early works were not made from wood pulp , which would not be the widespread application in the process of making paper until hundreds of years later, in the forties of the XIX century. Instead, the ancient paper was made mostly from hemp fibers or from zarekwirowanych scraps of linen, cotton or other type of material.

Another innovation in the field of modern print comes from China, where the first printing machine with moveable type was developed in the early years of the Northern song Dynasty, which lasted from 960 at 1127 ne. Movable type was much more effective than traditional print on wood, which demanded new sculptures for each set of pages to be printed. However, the Chinese language is a language based on signs, and despite this, still a time-consuming process of printing, even in the case of movable ceramic pellets available for each character. The use of these units was not common.

In 1450 innovative German blacksmith Johannes Gutenberg invented the first printing press, which can be considered mostly modern. Used moving tablets made from a durable blend of three materials – lead, antimony and tin – used European languages based on the Arabic alphabet, with which the composition was much more effective. A new printing press Gutenberg it is the nature of information dissemination in the world of the Renaissance, and the fertile publication on the cover of the Gutenberg Bible served as the most lasting legacy of his achievements.

Before the advent of the printer – the approach which emerged in the mid XIX century, but was used only for recording specific mathematical calculations – the printing press remained the standard method of obtaining words and simple graphics on paper. In the twentieth century, along with the recovery pace of technological development and innovation, developed and introduced on the market countless of the printer. Many of them were successful, such as the ubiquitous dot matrix printer , while others have experienced short-term use, such as Flexowriter companies such as IBM Selectric, which mainly use the technology of printing on a typewriter connected to the computer system.

The first functional laser printer was designed by American Gary Starkweathera who worked for Xerox Corporation. His idea of using the printing process, spraying , in which the laser has created a selective load on the drum, which could then cause the toner powder to the sheet of paper came to him in 1969. In 1972, after several years of development, Starkweather and several of his colleagues created the first working laser printer.

Although laser printers are not suitable to create color images or images with high resolution, they are valued in many fields, from professional to academic, due to the incredibly high printing speed. If you need to print a few pages, you should consider a laser printer. While the printing press of Gutenberg, can produce about 240 “hits” (e.g., Pages) in the hands of qualified staff, the best of today’s laser printers can produce up to 40 pages per minute (about 2,400 pages per hour) .

The selection of the appropriate laser printer for the office
The first laser printer designed specifically for use in the office was a station of the Xerox 8010 Star, a workstation released in 1981 That was sold by the outrageous price of 17 000 USD. (This number today has a purchasing power of $ 46 592 USD after adjusting for inflation .) Fortunately, today, commercial laser printer, which is quite sufficient for even the most hard-working of the offices may be much less. In fact, you can find great laser printers that cost below $ 1000.

One of the important questions when choosing a laser printer for office do not have print speed; even moderately priced units can ultimately be even in two dozen pages per minute. Instead, you should find a person that is characterized by high elasticity, if we are talking about what type of document. The office will probably be able to print on everything from basic sheets of eight by eleven paper, to envelopes of all sizes, cards and other. Search so that blocks of big capacity multipurpose feeder, as well as those that have a lot of space in the main paper tray.

Think also on the marking of the laser printer in the office, to be used only with written documents and invest in a separate printer to print including graphics, photos and even documents in color with the type; ink-jet printer can match a laser printer speed, but will offer a higher quality print image, and multiple units are valued cheaply.

Laser printer for home use or small office
If you want to buy a laser printer for home use, small business, school or the office, Church or any other place where the seal is important, but not necessarily-the case of a large volume, a laser printer may still be a wise choice. This is due to the effectiveness of quality toner for laser printer.

Many laser printers use toner cartridges that can create thousands of pages before you need to replace so using them saves time and can even save you money in the long run. Toner cartridges are expensive, but give a lot of printed documents.

If your laser printer is used at school or at a small business, do not betray your fact that these devices use the same technology that the device to copy; select one tray on the copier, and essentially you get two machines in one.