Best Chimineas 2017

Chiminea is one of the best ways to provide heat, light and style in the open air. Regardless of whether you use it to create trzaskającego wood fire that will warm all who are near, fill it with candles to get some light and much charm, or just enjoy them as an aesthetic addition to a porch, patio or deck. will see that chimineas is an elegant and simple way to dress up the space.

While staying in his shell, before you make a choice you have to balance two main factors. The main function of the chiminea and the physical space that will take. These two considerations cannot be considered separately because they have direct influence on each other. For example, if you really plan to have regular fires of wood in his chiminei, you have to consider where the unit will sit with much more caution and thinking than if it was primarily a decorative element.

Chiminea, which has a full 360-degree exposure on a tray on the fire, perfect for a patio with plenty of space, but can be an extreme fire hazard for porch, built near the house. If your chiminea will sit on the wall, furniture or plants that could potentially burn, should not be subjected to these elements of exposure to direct flame or sparks. In the case chiminei that will be placed between the seats with lots of open space around and above the unit in the form of a bubble , which has holes around it perfect for even heat and watch the fire.

Next. think, not the fire itself, but smoke and sparks. Some chimineas have high smokestacks , which will help to direct the products of combustion from the mountain and away from sitting or standing, making them a good choice for enclosed territories without full exposure in the open breeze. On the other hand, other units can have a lot of the upper sections removed and you can enjoy them as fire pits , creating an intimate type of fire, which many people would like.

Most modern chimineas are made of metal, but if you want a metal unit, you will have to choose whether you prefer the elegance of copper (which requires periodic heavy cleaning) or a more severe form of iron (which can be usually odmalowany) . Don’t forget about the beautiful exterior fireplaces that are made from clay. Terracotta chiminea can be a beautiful way to decorate a space outdoors or the house has a Southwestern design motif, “the Cabin in the woods” feel, or any other style. (With any type of material chiminea comes another kind of service).

Beyond The Fire: Other ideas for Your Chiminea
Chimineas is, above all, outdoor fireplaces are designed to safely contain barbed fire wood, so we recommend you to use them as such. But remember that when you start to burn fires in your chiminei, this limits its use for other functions are secondary, although most of them can be.

When not used as fireplaces, chimineas, most just sitting in the garden, on the deck or patio as a decorative elements . And it’s not a bad use of these units, which, undoubtedly, nice. To dress up further chiminea, consider using it as a cachepot . Solid construction, good chiminei allows it to hold a large mass of soil, water and plant material and mesh around the many chimineas can help to protect the plants from animals that might chew on flowers, fruits or leaves, or from damage from wind debris and other problems. Chimineas are also resistant to damage caused by water and can help protect plants from excessive exposure to sunlight.

Chiminea can also be used as a unique way to serve drinks at a party or cooking. Fill a bowl with ice, then load it with cans or bottles of your favorite drinks and serve them chilled in a unique way that Your guests will love.

And finally, consider the possibility of using the chiminea as a tool for cooking . While some chimineas have a special membership functions such as add-ins on the grill , each chiminea can be used for baking, marshmallows and marshmallow, add a smoke flavor of cheese or cold meats, and even cooking meat with a small amount of ingenuity and ability to adapt.

A few words about safety warnings and maintenance Chiminea
With proper care and maintenance, most good chimineas should withstand many years. It’s true, whether you use them for outdoor fires, or just keep them as decorations outdoors. However, how you care for your chiminę will be completely different in those different circumstances.

One of the fastest and easiest ways to destroy the Terra cotta is fire with water . If the fire is actively growing in clay chiminei – or if you have recently extinguished the fire, but the device is still hot with the remnants of heat or active – in this case, the introduction of water into the device can lead to the formation of cracks which can damage the appearance of the piece, but can also lead to its complete rupture. If you don’t need to put out the fire quickly, for safety reasons, never make a fire in chryzantzie of terracotta with water. Let the fire stops naturally, or in the middle of nowhere with sand.

If we are talking about caring for copper chiminea, just be ready, so from time to time start to wash. Pad for cleaning , as water is often all that is needed to cut through the gravel and dirt remaining from the soot, dirt and other dirty substances, but from time to time you will need the best way to restore the warm glow of the metal. There are three simple copper cleaning products that you can make using the ingredients that almost certainly you have at home. Try to mix lemon juice and baking soda , vinegar and salt or lemon and salt to create a solution that will intersect the dirt and restore the luster of copper.

If you are dealing with the accumulation of ash, if you have the place, just move chimineę to the open grass and apply it from time to time strong nozzle . Popiołowa water easily evaporates into the soil.