Best Chemical Peels 2017

In chemical peels you can use various ingredients to improve its properties, moisturizing, smells, and other elements, but the Foundation of any skin, as a rule, combination of alpha-is an organic compound, phenol (which has many benefits for health , including harm reduction radicals) and acid trichlorooctowy . Although the precise formula of chemical peels may vary, they all work to remove old and damaged cells of the skin with acid solution. The skin, which is then subjected, as a rule, smoother and softer than the one that was removed.

Chemical peels can be used to treat uneven skin pigmentation also known as discoloration . There are various causes of this condition, including damage from sunlight, and even exposure to some dyes and air pollution, but they all lead to the fact that the skin is darker in some areas than others. Chemical peels can remove the layer of skin that has uneven pigment, and discover a new layer that should be exposed to the atmosphere, which still has uniform color.

Chemical peels can also be used to reduce the visibility of stretch marks . Dark skin in the line of the stretch marks, making it seem much more serious than they are. Because chemical peels remove dead skin cells, reveal a new layer of skin, which is usually brighter than the old. It evens skin tone and helps to confuse stretch marks with the surrounding skin. Chemical peels should not be applied on the face; they can go anywhere on the body. Can also be used for the treatment of a point, align the tone and texture of skin in specific areas.

Amazing the things that can make a chemical peel
Those who do not want to give up invasive removal operation markup of the skin, which can often lead to scarring could instead try chemical skins. It was also shown that chemical peels are effective in the disappearance of tattoos and minimizing the appearance of some scars. Some data even suggest that they can also prevent scarring. Dermatological tests have shown that acne and pimples can lead to scarring. Some chemical peels can effectively remove the pores and prevent the formation of white and black heads .

One of the typical complications experienced by the skin, a chemical, a strong sense of tingling or burning sensation. It is usually harmless and disappears within a few days, but can be very uncomfortable. A lot of chemical peels includes a set of therapeutic covering of the skin antioxidants and plant extracts . Can be very soothing inflammation of the skin and can help strengthen it faster. Freckles are additional skin problems that people often apply after chemical peels. Some contain a formula that brightens and prevents the appearance of freckles and is particularly effective for those who have sun damage.

Many chemical peels produce visible peeling, which makes that users vary to go out until the process is complete. Some manufacturers have created formulas that do not give visible peeling, so that the user can go out immediately after application skin. People in the age in which their skin ceases to produce sufficient amounts of natural collagen, you can look for skins, which increases the production of collagen , helping to combat the effects of aging.

History skins chemical
The ancient Egyptians who were pioneers in many cosmetic services and products have seen today such as tattoos and wigs, they were among the first who used chemical peels. Ancient Egipcjanki found that lactic acid in sour milk odmładził their skin, so they put it on their faces. The ancient Romans turned in the skins of grapes, which contain tartaric acid . In the nineteenth century dermatologist Ferdinand Hebra, started lightening freckles with a combination of nitric acid, hydrochloric, krotonowego and a few other ingredients. This mixture will cause blistowanie skin – in this moment Hebra that their pierced, covered in starch and removes dead skin cells.

In 1871 Another dermatologist noted that the use of a mixture containing 20% of phenol can lighten your skin, and in 1882. German dermatologist called PG Unna discovered the benefits of adding salicylic acid and trichloroacetic acid for skin. Unna had created a paste of zinc oxide, petrolatum, resorcinol and ichthammolu who allegedly odmłodziły the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Job Unny has been a source of inspiration for many studies conducted in the 90-ies. XX century over the salicylic acid that’s still present in the skin.

Glycolic acid is another component, which in the nineties have jumped to the chemical industry. A derivative of sugarcane, glycolic acid has the smallest molecules capable of deep penetration into the skin. The concentration of the acid is 10 percent is in mo a moisturizer, and the concentration 50% goes into chemical peels.