Best Cell Phone Signal Boosters 2017

Signal amplifiers cellular, also known as amps phones are a relatively new improvement in technology of mobile phones. Before buying a signal booster mobile phone there are many factors that must be considered. The attachment of the amplifier, the area involved of the coating and the carrier of the mobile phone must be switched on before removing the old one from the shelf.

Before we go any further, let’s kill this myth now: signal booster mobile phone can only strengthen an existing signal. Cannot create a signal, only to strengthen the weak. Before I go into the Nevada desert, thinking that, in the end, you will receive these letters, I have to tell you that you have been warned.

Signal booster cellular-equipment designed to boost mobile phone signal. The amplifier consists of three components: an external antenna, signal amplifier and internal antenna. Also the cable that connects these elements together.

The external antenna is probably the most important piece of the puzzle. Designed to remove a signal from the nearest mobile towers supported operator. I’m afraid that the amplifier will not help, slamming T-Mobile customers on one of the desired Verizon towers.

The signal booster receives the signal, pulled out the external antenna and amplifies it. The gain is measured in decibels (dB), and each increase of 3 dB doubles technically its strength. In this regard, 6 dB is two times stronger than 3 dB. Strength gain depends on the signal amplifier and the signal which the external antenna was not able to take away from cell towers.

The last step is the internal antenna, which again fits new and amplified signal. At this point, the mobile phone recognizes this more powerful signal, which will cause less broken connections, fast downloading of data, etc. This will be reflected in the bands in your mobile phone. As a rule, each row means five or ten times greater signal strength.

Don’t forget about the cable. Basically, you need a minimum quality cable that you can get. The wrong cable can and will affect your signal.

Good! Why you need a signal booster mobile phone?
Simply put, if your signal is not strong enough, your calls will often drop. Why is this happening? The first reason is that your phone is too far from cell phone towers. Secondly, on your way there are obstacles . The problem may be a tree, hill, or mountain, in principle, everything that comes in contact with the signal on its way from the cell towers for your cell phone.

Can I boost the signal without amplifier mobile phone signal? I’m afraid the only option is to get this amp, if you plan to stay in the same place, if you are on the go. Cars, vans, and even boats can have bonuses, but given the rapid lokomocjÄ™ these vehicles, external antenna, not so accurate.

First, determine the size of the coverage. Some amplifiers are designed for small areas, for example, only one or two rooms. It will, of course, the cheapest options that are valid in a limited area. I recommend to get a signal amplifier which includes at least 10 percent more area coverage. This will ensure a safe limit.

Other amps signal provider is designed for households, covering all of the properties and the final amplifier may include commercial real estate, such as building workers or large, open forest space.

There are two types of external antennas: omni and Yagi. Omni is the antenna wszechkierunkowa collected equal force in either direction. Yagi aimed in the same direction, the same as a shotgun. If you know that the tower is South of Your location, the Yagi may send to the South to get a more powerful receiver signal.

There are also two types of internal antennas: panel and dome. The antenna panel can support and strengthen a new signal, through the many floors and usually point in one direction. Antenna for arches perch on the ceiling and give equal power to everyone below them. Not suitable for use on several floors.

A brief history of the signal amplifiers of cellular communication
As previously mentioned, the amplifiers are relatively new. FCC approved cell phone signal boosters in 2013, recognizing them for their benefit to areas deprived of strong mobile phone signals.

The first amplifiers were focused on 2G and 3G networks, but of course with age-Fi, 4G LTE networks are today the standard. However, in 2G and 3G networks are still supported.

Almost all of the major mobile operators have to match the amps signal, even though do not do that. Confirm with your mobile provider; they can change the frequency of their mobile phone signals.

This industry is constantly changing. Make sure that Your mobile phone is compatible with the amplifier and make sure that the amplifier is not needed. Maybe recently got a new tower for mobile communication and has eliminated the need. Overall, we are moving towards a global reach , and years later, amplifiers, mobile signal can go.