Best Cat Harnesses 2017

Jealous that dogs have all the fun? As a cat owner, you don’t want to, he could boast a well trained cat in your home? Your dream is now a reality thanks to a harness for the cat . A harness for your cat was designed to allow Your cat to walk outside as their dog counterparts. They are constructed in such a way as to take into account the elusive and puzzling to the cat, because the harness provides more protection and support than a regular collar . Braces provide the circulation force to prevent zadławieniu and slide, which is often linked to the collars.

The transaction works, if your cat is working, of course, to cover a large area of the cat. Includes support for your neck and torso to fully hold him. However, they are designed so that they complement each other to a collar and not replace it completely. Model H is the most popular and easily adapt to most cats. Harness should fit tightly but not so tight to restrict air flow and you should be able to easily fit a finger or two between sets and the body of a cat.

The leash may be, but need not be signed, but all models must be able to connect with almost any type of leash. The bungee leash is also preferred to prevent the choking scenario and takes some pressure off the wrists of the Walker. Never attached a leash to the collar on the neck. It is dangerous, and a sudden movement of the cat can cause injury to the neck .

What to expect
Largely depends on the nature of the cat, one transaction can work wonders, while another is unable to protect the cat and encumbers the animal’s neck and chest.

The biggest caveat cat wymykający from the harness. By nature, cats are not as outgoing as dogs, if we are talking about walking, and their cooperation may leave a little better. Agile cat can easily get out of a simple collar, so the wiring must be protected to prevent such accidents. As the collar on the neck, and the torso needs to be adjustable , cat, available in different sizes and ages. If possible, allow the cat to try on the harness before purchasing.

If you don’t use a harness for walking Your cat, it can also be used for travel or trips to the vet . Keeping the harness, easier to maintain the cat without putting him afraid of the cat box , which may seem to some, the tomb of scared kitty cats.

If you want to walk with a cat in the night, which makes sense, because cats are nocturnal animals, and they are then most active, you may want to consider reflective harness. Because go cat is a rare species, you want to be sure that the small animal will be seen at night for safety reasons.

Another important factor is the material used for the harness. The mesh material regulates body temperature of the cat and ensures that they are not overheated in the warm season. This is especially true for domestic cats, which often don’t meet on the street. Many of them contain a soft material lining to prevent injury to your cat.

The leash can be a standard leash, dog leash or leash bungee, which some say is the most humane.

Use Kitty
Cats, as we know, usually are not ideal udomowionym animals to walk. Hope however is not lost. There are many ways to trick the cat.

First, make sure the harness is suitable for You and Your cat. Wait until you get full vaccinations to protect the cat against all dangers from outside. Older cats are more resistant to leashes, especially if in the course of a year developed a fear of the house. You know your pet better than anyone else. While can be trained to go outdoors , you can experience a challenging learning curve, and you need incredible patience for your pet.

Start slowly with positive reinforcement . If your cat constantly when you’re going to call him, is a good sign. If you haven’t you did it to your pet, you should start here, before trying to go outside. Then, using the contracts as prizes, place the tourniquet near a favorite region of the cat, letting her feel, to see and play with her.

After a few days slowly start to place the harness on the cat, once again, making the rewards such as treats. Let the cat feel the harness, and then remove it in a few minutes. Repeat for several days until the cat won’t fight . If the cat is struggling with the facilities, don’t make it. Let her be and try again later.

If the harness has been successful, let her wear it indoors for a long time. Then attach the leash and allow the cat to explore the interior the additional load on the leash. Make sure that the leash is not tangled and do not restrict movements of the cat. Gradually allow her to attend outdoors, and let your cat takes the lead ; all the time rewarding her for good behavior. Be alert for dogs that might scare your cat. I recommend to take a box of cat as an insurance policy in case of panic the cat.