Best Carpet Rakes 2017

The first rugs were probably animal skins spread on the floor of the primitive shelter to provide warmth from the cold ground or floor and to add comfort to the inhabitants of the house, when they sat or slept. A simple cover made from woven reeds, grasses and other fibers were also used as early floor covering.

Carpet much as we know it today can trace its origins date back at least 5,000 years of archaeological evidence pointing to the set of carpets woven by craftsmen in Western Asia and the Middle East. These early rugs were woven using the wool wyczesanej with strzyżonych sheep and goats. In many parts of the world carpets ewoluowałyby over time for the masterpieces of the great art efficiency and the rugs are Persian , Chinese and French was marked by unique characteristics and undoubted quality.

Some rugs were braided to represent scenes of battles, religious and pastoral; others were developed with the participation of well-known complex repetitive patterns. Some carpets are better conceived as tapestries, was powiesione on the walls as works of art, and add insulation, while the other was used during prayer or during the funeral.

Over the past few thousand years done probably billions carpets, the main purpose of which was to ensure the floor covering. In its simplest description, the carpet can be regarded as a textile material consisting of the substrate material and the upper layer, often called Pala , is designed to serve as a durable carpeted. There are countless of fabric used for carpet production; many of them natural, such as cotton and wool, while others are synthetic, and polypropylene and polyester are a common choice due to their low cost and durability.

Although the words “carpet” and “rug” are often used interchangeably, they are actually different. The main difference is that the carpet can relate to textile floor coverings that fills several rooms of a property, while the floor mats are different from a single space. Carpet can fill a room, but will not include many areas, and he will be more likely adjusted to the frequency of a certain area of the room, for example, to the interior hallway or in the center of the grouped furniture.

Carpets can cause the space to become more reassuring and convenient, and are often a cheap solution for flooring. However, they can also be difficult to keep clean given their sensitivity to the absorption of different liquids and small impurities. And like everyone with a carpet, and the animal arrives in their lives will say they also are real magnets for hair and fur.

Why Carpet Rake, the impression
If you ever tried to clean the carpet, covered with hair, you know the frustration often involved. Even a vacuum cleaner can’t lift the persistent pet hair that seems sometimes to built to build itself in a stack of some carpets, works much like a hook and loop system of Velcro works. The longer the hair stays on top and rubbed on the carpet, the more difficult will be the process of its removal.

But disgust, which can cause the pet hair, when they matowane in the carpet or rug, or upholstery, it can also lead to more insidious problems. If you, a family member or guest has sensitive allergies , carpet or upholstery is filled with pet hair is a constant source of mixed allergens in the air. So the house is free from wool not only looks better, but safer and easier.

If you are trying to remove pet hair with a vacuum cleaner, broom, or other methods, without much effect, it’s time to try commissions dywanowej . These tools are ideal for removing even heavy spotted MoE from flooring and upholstery Your place of residence, headquarters or a car.

The selection of the right guide dywanowej
There are several different types of scrapers, but before you, which one is best suited for use in your home (or a veterinary office or in the business of skin care), you should first consider the size. As a great demand for flooring, coating depends on something more than just a residence that is carpeted, but the number and type of furniture that have upholstery that attracts hair. If your house has relatively little flooring and some rugs, and only a few are covered with material of furniture, then the less manual grabiacz will serve you well.

On the other hand, if you have carpets, wall-to-wall carpets or large area, get a full-sized scraper for cleaning carpets, which can be used during stand up, and to which you can apply maximum leverage with the long handle. Full protection bars are especially useful in corridors or in large open spaces and also for cleaning fur and hair from carpets, as they allow you to stand on the ground or in a single step and to clean many degrees without moving.

After size, you must consider the material of horse hair. Rake coated with a metal hair can deftly lift the hair from the carpet, but it can also risk scratching, and even the destruction of some types of upholstery. If you have furniture upholstered with cloth or thin carpet, you may want to consider coating the rails with a rubber hair or head in the form of a brush that will not damage materials.

In the house with lots of rugs, lots of upholstered furniture and lots of woolly or furry animals, you can be well-stocked in a single drive, full-size metal flooring carpet and other hand-held brush for floors. the rest of the house.