Best Car Escape Tools 2017

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation Bureau of Transportation Statistics, Americans spend a lot of time behind the wheel. Here are some facts that can help in clarifying this neutral statement: on average, Americans take 1.1 billion trips a day trip is defined as travel in both directions – that’s four times to enter and exit the car on the citizen.

Take an average of 411 billion trips a year. There are more than 200 million passenger cars for private use at any time. The average American driver spends in the car less than an hour a day, breaking a total of about 30 miles.

And if you’re the average American driver, you came in about 14 500 km, driving a car every year. For most of us all riding with little incident. It is worth to mention trzeźwiącym the fact that every year more than 37,000 Americans die in car accidents, and many of them were injured, often change lives. If you have been practicing riding the volcano, do not operate your vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and buckle up and adjust your headquarters for proper posture and vision, this greatly reduces the likelihood that will be the case. But still wise to be prepared for the worst.

Every vehicle should have a roadside emergency kit . These kits are invaluable in the case dmuchanej tires, low battery or other problems, which lead to the fact that the car is not suitable for use. One of the most important aspects of good przydrożnego the cart contains items that help to see You from afar, for example, glare and headlights. In sets there is also a rope, suitable for towing, tools such as pliers and screwdrivers and a flashlight.

These sets are important in order to have an accident or to help with minor accidents. In case of special problems, such as a serious accident, which causes a sticking car door and the impossibility of its open or excessive stretching of the belts, it will be necessary, of course, a more aggressive approach to emergency management. Tool car escape, not included in the help on roads, but rather in the center console or the glove box, if not clipped into the door next to you.

The choice of tool Car Escape
Tools for evacuation of cars is not expensive – the highest price that you can pay for the higher model lines, much lower than 75 UAH. Their low price makes sense given the relative simplicity of these devices. Most of the tools to evacuate the car only has two main functions: the first is assistance in crossing the hard material of the belt ; the second is through the glass breaking the window of your car.

In the course of the day the seat belt can be easily removed by pressing the button on the buckle to release the lock. If the buckle mechanism has been damaged or destroyed and is not resolved, or if you are unable to get it out, depending on the condition of the car or your position (maybe still could be hung upside down after the accident), these are the same belts that originally has prevented you terrible injury or killing, can provide exceptional liability if you are stuck in the car in danger of fire, flood or contact with other cars. Every good tool to escape from the car will be readily available blade which is securely recessed into the handle and is angled to easily cut through seat belts.

The second important feature of the tool ucieczkowego car glass hammer. This head drums made of steel, which is able to concentrate the force of impact. Properly used, the glass hammer, a built-in tool to run the car up the side window (don’t worry, try to use it on the windshield, which is specially processed to avoid breakdown), and allow you to exit the car through the window if the door was disabled .

These two characteristics, you can consider what a valuable valuable features such as a built-in flashlight or a simple mounting system that keeps the tool escape car in your hands. Honestly, if the means for evacuation of cars will help you break through attacked by the seatbelt and break the window, performed this task in full.

What to do after an accident
After a car accident, time is of the essence. If you are single, then the process easier; if you have passengers (or you’re a passenger and you’re not seriously injured) to quickly assess their well-being and determine if they need help.

If the accident was small, and the vehicle is roadworthy, it must be removed, if possible, away from active traffic lanes. Pull the corner of the highway or street or side street if you are in an urban or suburban place. Think about it, however, to take some photos of your vehicle and other persons involved before the transmission of the car.

If there was a more serious accident, and the car can’t move if you can safely exit the vehicle without putting yourself on the road with moving cars near, is a good idea to exit the vehicle after the accident. Go to the wall safe roads, or log on to the sidewalk. (Of course, you have to move on if the car is on fire or be struck by another vehicle).

When you’re away from the vehicle, immediately contact. If the situation is urgent, with the participation of the persons injured or in danger, you should use 9-1-1, and if the situation is calmer, use in an emergency.