Best Cappuccino Makers 2017

You’ve probably already heard that Capuchin (Cappuccini in Italian) monks who came to foam straitjacket cafe, which we know as the cappuccino, but some sources beg to differ, saying that the name of this drink was inspired by the only brown color bent clothes of the monks. (So, too, called monkey kapucyńska, but that’s another story).

In any case, we can’t really tell about the history of the cappuccino without the prior adoption stories on espresso . The first coffee maker was patented in 1905 by Luigi Bezzera and Desidero Pavoni. This allowed the café to cook wanted a drink with almost frightening accuracy.

In fact, the manufacturer of the coffee machine Illy defines the process of making espresso, thus: “the Flow of hot water with a temperature of 88 ° -93 ° C (190 ° -200 ° F) passes under a pressure of nine or more atmospheres for seven Grams (0.25 oz) layer of dough with ground and the ground coffee, whereupon the concentrate comprises not more than 30 ml (one ounce) of pure sensual pleasure. ”

Moreover, all this is true, the Italian espresso national Institute (reference of INEI) “defining the parameters through which you can get a real espresso”, follows from the study conducted in University of Hertfordshire . Fortunately for consumers and, despite the acute protection of the process of brewing, the Italian espresso is open enough to evaluate the quality of beans from other countries regularly import them for baking.

Practice frothing milk for cappuccino appeared in the twenties. In 50-ies. the drink became popular in England. And, of course, the Americans got on Board – in style, in the 80 – ies. 90. The XX century.

That roast?
After a few simple recommendations on rich, flavorful espresso you’ll get the best cappuccino:

Start with the freshest possible beans . You go to the richest, most pure, the word bean, so if your beans are-a cheap imitation, rotten, you will receive the most complete expression of musty. This, even with pienistą layer fed milk probably will please no one.

If there is a nearby supplier of fresh, whole beans, look for beans on the Internet . This is one of the situations where high rotation is a plus; a product that is sitting somewhere in some warehouse is not ideal.

Glue with medium roast . Of course, all this is subjective, but some of the best bariści argue that the dark, burning – like a lot of what Starbucks has to offer – not produced high quality espresso. If darker, burning are not for you bitterness, you can use them.

Serve immediately after cooking. The word “espresso” not only describes the cooking process, but the speed of delivery to the customer. Because you are your own client, try to please yourself. Do not allow fresh espresso or cappuccino sat a long time before use.

Wild couples
They say that in Italy an espresso is never served after Breakfast. But Hey, it’s not Italy. Here are a few suggestions on how to best use your espresso or cappuccino.

Baking is a good place to start. In the end that complements the intensity of the drink is better than a gentle, sweet, baked. Immerse yourself in a croissant or pain au chocolat. You can also prepare more creative and connect the cappuccino with double chocolate muffinem or biscuits for Breakfast (Apple, cherry, apricot) or coffee (with cinnamon, cheese, honey).

Among cakes, chocolate or devil’s food list, mainly because coffee and chocolate combine well with each other. But to care, consider a lemon cake or plain sponge. (Sediment biscuits in coffee or tea is a tradition in some countries.)

Good Charlotte also has a good meaning, but if you have a sweet taste, try chopped dough. On the softer end of the spectrum lies niesmakowany or vanilla cream pie .

Who can resist true musowi czekoladowemu with a simple espresso or cappuccino? However, you can Wake up on more than a few hours late, so plan accordingly. Other rich match is a regular cheesecake and tiramisu. Real French Mille-feuille or millefoglie Italian would also be good.

Certainly, cappuccino might even classify frozen toaster Strudel or Eggo waffles. The idea is to choose food that complements the strong intensity of the drink coffee.