Best Camcorders 2017

To understand how the camera works inside, we have to go back about 150 years the work of the English photographer, Eadwearda Maybridge . Born in 1830, began working as a photographer in the Parking lot in 1861. In 1867 he became known around the world of his shots in the Yosemite Valley, and ten years later developed interest in lokomocją animals .

A few decades before the first film and the use of celluloid in the film, Maybridge suggested that the set of photos can be displayed in short periods of time to illustrate the natural movement of animals , people and even machines.

This discovery was made Maybridge, and this led eventually to the invention chronometrażowej gun Étienne-Jules Marey in 1882. Camera Mareya was the second step in the direction of the doctrine of cinematography , capable of taking 12 consecutive frames per second .

And to think that we are now able to remove large eposy, such as the Hobbit in 48 frames per second and play video games at 60 frames per second. But this is all possible thanks to digital technology differs from analog technology protective cap with a gun Marey and these old, awkward VHS cameras of the 80-ies.

In fact, the only thing that combines analog cameras and digital, lenses . What used to fit cartridge magnetofonowe and compact video recorders, is now the microprocessors and memory card.

Using Firewire, you can connect the camera directly to the computer to load all the data on the hard drive and immediately start the editing process. Don’t need scissors and glue for cutting and pasting. And projectionists at the local theater can spend more time browsing the Internet on their smartphones, without worrying about having to have an eye on “cigarette burns” in the corner of the screen. In fact, they can even use their smartphones to shoot movies about himself in the movie .

We need a big boat
Before buying a new camera, you should consider several things.

What are you filming?

Whether you create YouTube videos mostly face?

Or showing a friend’s wedding, so you can then laugh with how they were all drunk?

Then you probably don’t need this HD camera, which śliniłeś. Especially if you are going to shoot the whole day, footage HD przeżuje your memory card in less than an hour , as you can see, this beautiful small SanDisk memory card together that shows how fast your memory card is full, if the movie in HD quality.

Also, how much will it edit?

If you insist on film in HD quality, of course, you need to think about whether you want to edit the material. If you want to make videos with your friends, you will need much more than just a camera .

In order to edit HD material, you will need a desktop computer with at least dual-core processor and 8 GB of RAM. Otherwise you do all the editing, just waiting for the file to download, provided of course that at the beginning You managed to install the software for editing.

A record of all of the material has no meaning if it has nothing to do with it.

In the end, you can’t hunt on the jaw with a fishing boat .

The evolution of the modern camera
It’s amazing that today’s cameras look so technologically advanced as their predecessors . And so many ways.

Today you can record your cat jumping on the trampoline neighbor, download it to your computer, punch in the soundtrack of Bohemian Rhapsody and share it with the world for just twenty minutes.

Remember when you went to grandma’s house, so that uncle bill could fix the projector, load my 8MM film to show his family the grainy footage of Niagara falls? Of course, I don’t remember. I think you’re in the family X generation .

If you’re a Millennial, remember, before 1990, maybe your family had an RCA camera that weighed so much that your six years, I have. Not to forget that recorded on VHS. Edit good luck in your Windows 98 .

Before that, home users began to tape 8 MM , which resulted in a download of the film in a small cell by passing it without the film. After using the film so I needed to change clothes and send it to rose.

If you want to edit your footage, we hope that you have at hand scissors and Scotch tape. Remember, there was no sound. We are talking here in the mid-thirties. I’m still confused when people refer to this era as “simpler times”.

In the 60-ies. Twentieth century film Super 8 has been marketed as a more friendly step of 8 MM, which does not require threading of the film. Not to be confused with Super 8 as well .

In the seventies, VHS (Video Home System) fell on the stage, which spopularyzowała sharply in the 80-ies. 90. The XX century.

At the turn of the Millennium there is a DV, which required a Converter VHS .

Finally got to a good memory card at the beginning of 2000. Actually appeared in 1995, but offered only 128 MB of memory that is now quite funny.

But even with all this history barely podrapaliśmy surface . Between each of these inventions lies another camera that never spopularyzowała or was superfluous to the great filmmakers.

You can look at it and just see the camera, but, maybe, now that has given her years of evolution, you will get a better understanding and greater recognition. Bearing this in mind, dear reader, happy shopping.