Best Call Blockers 2017

Call blocking is a fantastic method to reject calls from unwanted parties. Regardless of what you are trying to block connections marketing or receiving, or even ones from specific people, with whom you want to talk, the solution may be call blocking. The best way to think about call blocking is a combination of caller ID and answering machine . First component of the caller ID identifies the telephone number from which the call comes, and if it matches one of the numbers in the list of blocks that will automatically answer the call automatically and will display a message that informs the caller that his number has been blocked.

Blockers are compounds able to determine the number from which the call comes, because each phone number is reminiscent of a fingerprint. When a person connects, their phone number is transmitted via the telephone line as a series of sounds of different frequencies. This code can be read is called phone, and then displayed to the person that called. Mobile phones do this automatically, but most traditional Desk phones need a separate device, or a call blocker or caller ID. Some landline phones now have caller ID, built directly into the phone.

Even if the number appears as blocked in your identifier is triggered, the number will be uploaded to your phone, but the caller’s phone company hid them before viewing . Users can manually block your number, selecting the number * 67 before dialing a phone number. Some companies use automatic call barring settings that are integrated with their telephone system or subscribe to a service that blocks their number so their employees don’t have to waste time manually entering the code * 67 every time you call.

Blockers compounds contain a list of 500 to 5000 numbers of fraud, which it is known that they are used to robokacji and challenges of marketing. Many allows you to add new numbers to the blocked list immediately after the conversation with me or going to settings.

Inventor of Caller ID
The invention of caller ID is a bit confusing and difficult to determine who deserves great credit. Many different inventors in different countries obtained patents for the identification of the calling line , which further contributes to the confusion. There is no argument that Theodore George Paraskevakos first started developing the system, which can automatically identify the caller’s number. Created a method of colors that continues to be used for transmission of telephone numbers via telephone lines. In 1969-1975 years he got 20 patentówdotyczące automatically identify the phone number. Issued patents relating to the transfer of alphanumeric information over a phone line, so you can pass name and other data of the subscriber. In 1971, working in collaboration with Boeing, created the first working device subscriber identity. After installation in the People’s Telephone Company in Leesburgu in Alabama, was shown to various telecommunication companies.

In 1976, a famous Japanese inventor called Kazuo Hashimoto was also released on patentdla identification device of the caller. His prototype was also able to obtain the name and phone number of the caller, and soon received a license to several large telecommunications companies around the world. To further complicate the matter, the Brazilian inventor named Vladir Bravo Salinas received a patent from the Brazilian patent office and trademark in 1977. It was the first patent granted for caller ID in Brazil, but in 1980, two Brazilian inventor, Nélio josé Nicolai and joão da Cunha Doya, the use of patents, the identification device of the subscriber. The statement of Mr. Doyi filed may 2, 1980. Was approved, and the patent of Mr. Nicolai, filed July 2, 1980, was rejected and cited as a backup device you Doyi. Just a year later, another patent for a device subscriber identity were issued to two other Brazilian inventors.

Features that you should look for in a call block
One of the first features you want to find in the block module, context, a large pre-programmed repertoire of rooms and robocall Scam . Due to the fact that the unit is more efficient from the beginning and will require less time to add additional rooms. Some individuals can have even 200 pre-programmed numbers, while others may have much more than 1,000.

Another feature that can make your life easier, is the ability to add new rooms when you return the call, simply by pressing a button. Some models have easy access to the button at the top of the device, which allows users to click a single button to block the last incoming number without having a deeper cut in the unit settings.

In General, the more automation the device is blocking the connection, the easier it will be to use it and the less it will distract unwanted calls. Some devices allow you to automatically block any number with no caller ID. Because many sellers and marketers blocks their number, like many collection companies, this may be the ideal option for people who want to avoid such conversations. Try to avoid models that rely on walking a lot of time to manage white lists and black lists , because it can be very time consuming, and some may be too complicated.