Best Bubble Machines 2017

Okay, people. Time to adults admitted to each other that they appear only in the presence of children:

We love bubbles!

It’s true. You know it and we know it. Seems to enjoy the bubbles is not something people just grows. Of course, you can try to pretend that you’re bored on the birthday girl when they ask you to every day was banks. But the truth is that you love her as much as they are.

The passion of bubbles starts from toddlers and includes the classes in the natural Sciences. In these classes we learned that surface tension allows you to create bubbles. Adding soap reduces surface tension and facilitates the formation of bubbles.

The molecules of soap try to separate from the water, separating in the process of its particles. Rapid evaporation causes cracks in bubble, but soap is more stable to evaporation than water. Does what bubbles out of soap and water easier than bubbles of pure water, which allows them to keep the exposed surface and longer.

This process is the reason for which you can create bubbles for hours with the bubble with a magic wand and why bubbles are so much fun. These cars are submerged in water, rotating the sticks in a solution of soap and water, and strongly moves the air through the wand to create a stream of bubbles for hours – or at least until exhaustion of the solution bubble.

Although the concept may seem simple, the bubbles serve research purposes, which scientists are trying to use to not only learn more about our world, but also to help in space exploration . The bubbles can cause complications during the trip into space and cause irreversible damage to the machine. Understanding how the bubbles work in space compared to earth, it has helped to increase security searches. It is also possible that the use of energy in the form of bubbles can be the basis for more efficient energy production in the future.

Bubbles: not just for kids
Bubble machines are a popular choice for parties birthday for kids in the fresh air and other activities such as weddings and prom. You can buy almost any type of machine that yearns for your heart. Some machines are specifically designed for children and can produce hundreds or even thousands of bubbles for a few seconds. Some of the machine to produce bubbles for children are sold in the form zabawkowej, for example lawn mower for a game that spits out bubble when the kid plays.

It seems that they are the most popular at parties, birthdays for children, where children can compete and pop the bubbles to the content of their little hearts. However, they are also increasingly used for events for adults such as weddings and prom. Add a little bit of fancy for every event and create an atmosphere of fun and excitement. Are a great choice for dance events and are often used in studios and other school dances.

Bubbles and some machines with the banks are often included in artistic expression through street artists. The performances with soap bubbles is fun and creative. Although executors can make look easy, in fact, it requires a considerable amount of exercises and skills to hypnotize the audience. Some of the players talented enough to create complex forms that take the shape of people or animals. Some able to close people and objects in the jars they create. Often use smoke, lights, helium or other gases in order to improve the visual experience.

You can even buy machines that produce vials of odors, colors, and even flavors . Most takes batteries, but some have the pins for comfortable long-term use. Are a great way for adults to enjoy the bubbles in the form of quality decorative, not giving osądzającym observers that they are secretly children at the center.

A brief history of cupping
The earliest images of bubbles, used for recreation, entertainment can be found in Flemish painting of the XVII century. These images show children who use clay pipes to blow bubbles . Over the next two centuries, mother often gave the child a soap residue to build up your own solution and blow a bubble.

In the 19th century Sir John Everett Millais painted famous work known simply as ” Bubbles “. The child is mesmerized … a bubble that I just created using the hookah and bowl. Originally titled “a child’s World”, this image became popular when it was used in commercials using Pears Soap.

Since the twentieth century street vendors celebrated the opening and began to sell bubbles as a toy. In the forties of the company’s Laundry Chemtoy began bottling bubble solution and used widespread marketing techniques for propagation and sale of bulbs as a toy.

For the first time from advertisement of soap, pear, bubbles become symbolic again from the beginning of 1960-ies. Represented peace and harmony, and they are often used at music festivals and fairs.

The following decades led to an influx of firms making their own decisions in the field of soap bubbles, which caused the need for more creative ways to use them. In the end, the bubble machine was invented and put into circulation at public events and other special events that are much more pleasant.