Best Bread Slicers 2017

There really is not as tasty as fresh bread. Or made in your home in your own oven or baking bread or brought home from your favorite bakery bread for a long time, now, and always will be perfect, and there is food.

Maybe it’s the elegant simplicity of bread, which allows him to bring so much fun in the dining room; in fact, bread should be consumed only with the help of three ingredients : flour, water and yeast. However, bread can also be extremely complex, offering a flavor profile of sour after sweet and salty. The bread was delicious, whether from dried fruits, nuts, herbs, cheese and even cold cuts and not only. Favorite food of peasants and the wealthy in ancient times, bread remains the staple food of billions around the world.

Although the presence of a large loaf of bread always welcome an easier way to cut the bread into slices even better. Because nothing makes better bread than meeting with him immediately after cutting. Pre-sliced bread can be a wonderful time, and can stay comfortable in the modern era, but can’t fit krojonych fresh loaves of bread to taste.

You can of course grab a knife and start cutting the bread, no need to use specially prepared steklosetki for bread. But that almost certainly can’t do it by hand, to cut his uniform slices of bread, suitable for sandwiches or for serving in a basket or on a beautifully decorated setting.

A slicer for slicing bread really nothing more than a frame with one or more – and often several – holes cut in it through which could carry a knife, when cut down through the loaf of bread. Terms of basic functionality most krajalników for bread should be the same. Making the choice that suits Your needs, you need to decide based on the number of slices of bread, which you will probably want to do at once, and aesthetics and the same person.

Taking the number as the first birth certificate, if you want essentially to prepare pre-sliced bread the size of sandwiches or toast, consider one of krajalników for bread with half a dozen or more space for cutting. These units allow pokrojenie many pieces of bread without the need to change the position of the loaves, increasing productivity. However, they do not give a great deal of caution the thickness of the plaster.

For the chef who wants to cut very thick pieces of bread, suitable for filing with soup, salad or other dish, the best solution may be a slicer for the slicing of bread, offering one guide – this design allows on a regular basis, just cutting but does not limit the thickness of each slice wyrzeźbionego with a loaf.

If we are talking about appearance, some bread slicer are working fine but they are made of plastic and designed with little attention to aesthetics, while others are carved from wood or rails boast stainless steel. If you plan to leave krajalnicę to the bread on the counter, got extra money for good, like a unit.

Cutting and saving bread
Anyone who has ever tried to slice bread with the wrong knife for the job, experienced a short but profound disappointment. Supreme bread knife you can have about one hundred dollars, and will retain sharp, serrate Bank into a thousand pieces. But don’t worry, a lot of good knives for bread available for a quarter of the price, and if they are only used for bread, even cheap bread knife should withstand years with minimal sharpening and maintenance. Look for a knife at least eight inches, that was longer than most loaves, and stay small, rounded teeth for better cutting.

When to cut as much bread as you plan to eat or bring in a certain time, it is important that you actually kept the bread; if you leave it in the air, most of the bread will harden and stęchnie for hours and will grow mold in a single day. However, the loading of bread in the refrigerator actually not a good way to maintain freshness. If you’re going to end up the bread for a few days, place it in a container or bag that can be completely closed, trying to remove as much air as possible before closing the packaging.

For longer storage of bread should wrap it with plastic or foil or place in a sealed bag. Then freeze the bread , knowing that it must be safe and delicious even after three months. Just be ready for toasting bread or reheat it in the oven (when releasing it) before the game.

How much time has passed since sliced bread?
Sliced bread, as today we take for granted, it was not until the last century. In fact, the first time was sold in a bakery in Chillicothe, Missouri, July 7, 1928 . While the advertising of the day pointed to a new pre-sliced loaves of bread as ” a Big step forward in the baking industry from a time when bread was wrapped “, the clients were actually pretty cool.

Many believed that the new, pre-sliced loaf of bread look at the foot and an unpleasant, devoid of a pretty uniform view of the entire loaf. In the end, won convenience – a new approach to packaging that had sliced loaves of bread in a more uniform, no doubt, also helped and caught the bread, which soon became the standard for bread sold in many parts of the world.

However, in recent years the General trend of production of local products and ready meals, as well as high power mode and the problems of cooking in General led to the need for re-recognition to entire loaves of bread, sliced just before serving. While most of the twentieth century, so many things, it was stated as “the best thing since sliced bread”, in the XXI century, many people began to question this assumption, I wonder, indeed, how great is sliced bread?