Best Braided Lines 2017

When most people think about the gut, monofilament represent in their minds. You know that line that you probably use since childhood, fishing off the pier or on the shore of the lake near your home? It’s a wig or, like most fishermen, this is called mono . Because it is the most common type of fishing line, I saw today on the coils, you may be surprised to hear that the network was actually one of the earliest types of fishing line . Although it had a bit to go, recent years have seen a strong return.

In the past wicker was produced by weaving or connecting with each other, natural fibers such as linen, cotton and silk. Currently, however, modern technology allows us to strip of synthetic material with very high tensile strength, and most of the lines are made of braided Dacron or micro-dyneemna . These materials are intertwined together, creating a line that has an actual breaking strength that is significantly higher than their test score on the pound .

The pros and cons of braided fishing line
There are many discussions on what type of fishing line is better to use , but despite different views, there are certain pros and cons, which may be the same as for braids. Here is a brief description of where best suited network, and where short.

Pros Braided Line

Braided line is much stronger than mono of the same diameter. This will allow you to pack more lines in a smaller real that can be extremely important if we are talking about deep sea fishing when you need all the line you can get. Another advantage is the high level of sensitivity. Because braided line does not stretch as monokultura you can feel every bite on his line, even when fishing at a depth of 200 feet or more.

Braided line is also more resistant to abrasion than mono-line, and there is less chance that it will be cut from rubbing on rocks or other underwater structures. Because braided line is so thin, cut the air better than the lines of mono-and allow You to continue to drop, which can sometimes mean the difference between catching fish and the lack of sweet spot where they are hiding.

Finally, the network does not deteriorate from the sun like mono. If properly wraped and conservation, you can leave it on the roll for many years without any loss of tensile strength and crushing.

Disadvantages with braids

Although the network has, of course, debate, participation also has many disadvantages. Is not only 3 to 4 times longer than mono, but it’s easier to catch and mate. After the child can become entangled a complex disorder and many anglers may simply break the line, instead of wasting time trying to untangle the huge knot. This can lead to more rapid passage through the line, and in combination with the high price of this cable may make it so that you will be twice thought about using it.

We mentioned earlier that the braid is stronger than mono , but in fact this can be a double-edged sword. He can focus more attention on the part of the drum , the rods and linear guides, and even cut it on the railing when you try to release the fixed hook. Due to the high strength and almost non-existent depreciation, you may even end up tearing the hook right out of the mouth of the fish, if you set her too hard.

Braid clearly visible in the water, and if fish or shy fish in crystal clear water, it can lead to smaller bites, which leads to the fact that to catch smaller fish.

When using braided line fishing
As in the case of other things, your success with a network boils down to how and when you use it . Among the best fishermen there is General agreement as to when best to use the network and under what conditions. You can immediately tell if you’re trolling, it would be better to stick to mono, especially if you are aiming to fish the big sizes. Because braided line does not stretch, can lead to serious damage to fishing rod holders and fishing rod when you hit it big fish. The same applies to fishing on the kite with live bait, because braid can cut other lines, if crossed.

If fishing in deep water or in the case of fish that will not hit much, the braid can be the difference between knowing when to set the hook or not enough fish. Can also be your best friend, if you are fishing around structure, and you should quickly get the fish away from underwater obstacles. It would be better to use braided lines when throwing bait because it will help in the further extension line, and low air resistance, allowing more precise control of the lure.