Best Boomboxes 2017

Responsible for the death of countless batteries, boomboxy was known with moving the borders of quality equipment . Although handles are rarely deteriorated, often they looked as if they just complain about the absurdity of the purpose for which they are intended.

Take, for example, the TRC-975 Lasonic . Weight of 23.3 kg (included batteries), it will take 10 elements of D to the power of its two 8-inch woofers, but that was in 1988, When sound replaces meaning, and the music was not supposed to stay plugged in and to sit in the pockets .

Someone really looked at the monster, looked at the engineer with a sense of guilt and said without a trace of irony: “It requires a handle.”

200-watt subwoofer, vibrating screws, were not the only reason boomboxy was a heavy metal casing . Handle needed something reliable until you hear a click. Ergonomic plastic handles are formed in plastic cases is simply not enough. Portable stereos, who would twice serve as a counterweight for the Elevator and demanded something stronger.

As said by Lewis Carroll: “take Care of the sound and the sense will take care of itself.”

Boom boom or not
In the eighties and early nineties the most important feature of a good boomboxu was a bass. To be on the ground in your yard with friends or for a romantic dinner in the valley over the river, it seemed that there was never enough bass to kill the mood.

Manufacturers Boombox spent so much time trying to figure out how to overcome the crowded streets devices a low-frequency speakers, which never stopped to think about how the recorder can sound reasonable. In fact, if you raised the TV to watch Saturday Night Live into a tape recorder, and still hear Chris Farley screaming at you, your Boombox was not to anything .

Good or bad we live in the era of earplugs . Noise pollution is no longer hip. Boomboxes not to tear off from the sidewalk. And those who like rap, are it to yourself when in public.

No need to add that selection criteria good boomboxu has changed dramatically.

Detachable speakers are great: and Yes, dance with them wspartymi on our shoulders.

Docking station for smartphones have completely replaced tape recorders and CD players: no one creates mixes, and MP3 is already obsolete .

Without the holder? Not a single problem. My friends and I we’re not going anywhere.

Of course, you can still purchase a Boombox for breakdancing on the street, but for those who just want portable speakers for their smartphones, there’s no time like the present .

Up Jump The Boogie To Be
Happy to call London a portfolio of Brixton and American ghettlaster, the Boombox was invented by none other than those same brilliant minds that brought us the compact cassette by Philips.

I agree. A Dutch company with headquarters in Amsterdam forever changed the culture of the British and American in the seventies and eighties. Here’s how:

About a decade before the tape recorder under my Philips invented the compact cartridge as a storage medium for sound. Confirmed his invention a year later at the Berlin Radio Show, and then waited for a further year before announcing it in the Us. Licencjonowali format for free, hoping that the Japanese manufacturers will benefit from the new technologies and help disseminate information. They did.

In 1966, a compact recorder and the necessary magazine was a big success. But Phillips wasn’t satisfied. Wanted a recorder that can reproduce sound with high quality, which could not make them smaller Registrar. The video was fine, but the reproduction left much to be desired .

And so came the first tape.

Initially more popular in Japan, where it was created, as well as in Europe, where he first considered, Boombox, in the end, got into the hearts and minds of young Americans in the mid-seventies. The introduction of stereo input and output connectors allowed the use of a tape recorder as a portable system, PA. Using a microphone or a pair of turntables, MC and DJs were able to spit and scratch in flight as long as their batteries are not dry.

In the mid-eighties, almost everyone in America had a boom box. In the subway were boomboxy, boomboksy on the beach, boomboksy on hot dogs in Central Park, boomboksy in the back seats of old cars that were only radio on Board.

In 1989, the Boombox was a pop culture phenomenon, as evidenced by such films as spike Lee’s “Do the Right Thing” , “Say Anything” with John roles: John Cusack and the clown Teen Witch with a forced sequence of hip-hop . Why? Because every movie needs a good boomboxu.