Best Bluetooth Receivers 2017

If you are not familiar with Bluetooth technology, this is probably the last ten years living under a rock. In case, if there were several of You who used it not knowing what it’s called, you know that cool little phone’s settings, which allows you to wirelessly stream music and other data, for a pair of speakers or the TV? This Bluetooth and this is probably one of the coolest things to happen to society the mainstream, well, the smartphone.

Allows us to communicate over short distances and building small personal networks using radio waves in the UHF short wave from 2,4 to 2,485 GHz. Can be streamed from desktops or mobile devices and allows you to communicate with other devices, even if currently you do not have access to a wireless Internet sources.

Bluetooth is a Protocol based on packets , which means that divides data into blocks of appropriate size for faster transmission. Because of this it is very effective and capable of transferring large amounts of data almost instantly. Each packet is transmitted using one of 79 channels for Bluetooth. Each of the standard Bluetooth has a bandwidth of 1 MHz, and the new technology low energy Bluetooth uses the range of 2 MHz to 40 channels. When connected, constantly jumps between different channels, to provide the most stable and fast connection.

The technology was developed with the structure master-slave”, and each master can control up to seven slave devices or devices. All connected devices staff use the clock parent, and the time of replacement packets based on a common clock, which runs at intervals 312,5 ISS. Need two tyknięć to create a so-called Slot and all data sent or received in the nest. Data transmission is done in mode, so the captain sent information about the even slots and receives in odd places. The servant does the opposite and sends the information on the odd-numbered slots and receives on equal slots to prevent any mixed connection.

History of Bluetooth technology
Bluetooth first appeared in 1940, when the second world war. The initial development was mainly in charge Hedi Lamaara and George Antheila, and will serve as guidance system for torpedoes radio Allies. Due to the unique technology of skip frequency , was able to bypass the damping system axis. Unfortunately, never was sold and moved to second place until, until the Navy started using it in the sixties. Although it was not the type of Bluetooth that we use today in our phones, it was the beginning.

Decades later, in 1989, work on the technology began in earnest. It was initiated by TECHNICAL Director Swedish telecommunications company Ericcson and technology, Etc Johana Ullmana. In 1994, the company has worked, but not fully used its potential. They realized that in order to create the best technology in need of development assistance from other major players in the industry, many of whom were already working on similar technology. Invited Nokia, Toshiba and Intel to develop a common development project. Intel accepted the invitation and in 1998 the technology was ready for launch.

Originally given technology as the ability to transfer data up to 721 kpbs, which had the desired effect, because many people in the industry rejected them, saying that wi-fi can offer much more. As it turned out, Bluetooth is actually had a future, because today demonstrates the impressive speed of over 20 Mbps .

Initially, the technology was called MC Link, but was later renamed to “Bluetooth” in honor skandynawskiemu king from the tenth century, Haraldowi “Blåtand” Gormssonowi , also known as Harald Bluetooth. Dysonansowe United Danish tribes into one Kingdom, as well as Bluetooth unites communications protocols into one universal standard and was created by Scandinavian company, it seemed to me that this is the correct term. Famous logos Bluetooth is actually a combination of two runes of the younger Futhark with the initials of Harald.

The choice of a suitable Bluetooth receiver
When it comes time to choose a suitable Bluetooth receiver to their needs, one of the most important factors that you should consider is the communication range between the receiver and the device nadawczym. Some receivers have a much longer range than others, so some may be more suitable for commercial use or large homes in which you have more distance to cover. Others may be ideal for Your needs in a smaller house, and they may be better suited for Your budget.

The next thing you need to remember is the compatibility with devices. Although currently this is not a big problem since most Bluetooth-enabled ago, which means they work with older versions of Bluetooth, still needs to be rechecked. There is nothing worse than buying a radio, Bluetooth and a discovery that will not work with your device nadawczym.

If you are going to simultaneously have multiple devices connected to Bluetooth receiver, you should consider how many devices can be connected to the receiver before the connection will be dropped. Some of them can allow the connection to only one device at a time, while others may allow for two or even three simultaneous connections.