Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets 2017

Gone are the days of complex military signals transmitted between the riders on the road. You no longer need przeczołgać and wait until your friends catch up with you or to go forward with niewygodnymi – even illegal – motion to catch their friends and talk to them.

But radio frequency from all of our devices needs to block radio waves, so how much of a waste of space . If bluetooth is running on the same radio frequencies, cordless phones, electronic babysitter, and even garage door openers how one device can communicate with others without interference ?

The answer is quite simple. In addition to Bluetooth devices require a pairing between them, the output of any device is very limited, reaching about 1 miliwata compared with the output 3-watt mobile phone .

This means that the headset is not displayed on the handset car the driver of the car, but what’s with stronger signals przelatującymi in the air on these frequencies? Or fail to meet your tunes?

Well, the bluetooth devices use this very good thing called a mixing frequency in the spectrum of the scattered , whereby one device selects randomly one of the 79 unique frequencies , jumping from one to another, up to 1600 times per second.

Not studied statistics at University, but I am inclined to assume that this type of system supports interference almost impossible.

Check your head
If this is your first purchase of a helmet, the most important thing you can do to ensure that you are pleased with the new shell, he is very careful, measurement of head circumference.

The majority of helmets available on the market has a very specific measuring system , and if the brand or the model is not suitable for this system , you will see this comment in each review, both positive and negative.

When you do, ask yourself what is Your main goal in getting the Bluetooth capabilities? This question has value, whether it is your first or your fiftieth helmet.

You a marathon biker from the Iron Butt ? A nice set of speakers and reliable communication between the helmets at long range will be your road.

You are more suburban traveler, which revolves around a complex city with a high demand of GPS navigation? The best option is probably a helmet, which the system has less compatibility issues, and the actual sound quality or communication distance may not be so important.

Explore your head. Find out your driving style. Select, respectively.

After 100 years, the Technique Is
Craig MacTavish was the last player in the NHL who played without a helmet . His last match took place in 1997. Strange to think that such a dangerous sport, maybe play without helmets, even betting on goals not lasted so long.

Motorcycle helmets are used for more than 100 years, not before skodyfikowanymi helmets that appear at the races in 1914. And just as the advent of helmets in hockey, the snipers were skeptical of the need for new equipment. When has saved lives and dramatically falling levels kick the bucket become a mandatory standard.

The main device of the radio crept in on the road with serious fighters , originally in the form of hand phones, and then to the connected microphones.

In 2000, the market hit the first elements of bluetooth technology , and among them is Bluetooth headset and the first mobile phone with built-in technology.

Due to the fact that the first time it was possible to communicate from one helmet to another if the players were ready to equip their helmets with the bluetooth system.

It wasn’t too long before the industry caught up with this trend and began to produce helmets with the built-in systems.

The fact that tomorrow is no less exciting. Inspired by technologies such as Google Glass short , independent innovators, and company casino explores the next phase of the helmet: a HUD or Heads Up Display.

Every purchase of a helmet is 5 years of safety , so you get one of those children, with bluetooth and return here when you will experience the helmets HUD. We move for you.