Best Blu Ray Players 2017

Technology entertainment has come a long way in a very short time. At some point it seemed that the days in the format of a Video Home System (VHS) will never end. VHS tapes still offer nostalgia for those who know from the eighties and nineties, even before player Digital Video Disc (DVD) has become popular. As an example, I still remember this right the long-awaited day when one of my favorite films, animated films, The Lion King , in the end, was released on home video. Flies to my local Sam goody Potter , I remember that I bought 2 copies VHS sealed in a familiar package termokurczliwym and could not wait to return home and install the tape for my VCR recorder(VCR). VHS tape was the most popular form of home video media over, at least in the mid-nineties.

The evolution from VHS to DVD was for many, as a revolution, and the main differences between these two formats is the change in the physical storage media, as well as the fact that DVDs are not stretched and do not consume in the course of time, as well as tape. DVD players have become very common in the early twenty-first century and reached its peak of popularity since 2003.

Although the evolution from VHS to DVD was a big step, still something was missing. While video can be archived to disk without loss of quality, media with high resolution, also began to penetrate the consumer market. TV channels began to broadcast the content at a maximum resolution of 1080p , IMAXTeatr released the long awaited video on the huge screens and high resolution, so it seemed natural that consumers will want to have the opportunity of watching their favorite movies and TV programs in full splendor high resolution without loss of video quality. It was inevitable that the next logical step after the DVD player was a disc format that allows you to save high quality audio and video content for home use in Blu-ray player .

April 10, 2003 Sony Corporation released its first home Blu-ray disc player BDZ-S77 . This device was issued only in Japan, but its main problem was that there was no set standard for writing video to Blu-ray, and there were no Blu-ray discs that were available for playback on the device.

First available to users Blu-ray player was the Samsung BDP-1000 , which began to go in mid-June 2006. In the midst of battle with competitor HD DVD, developed by Toshiba. Currently, Blu-ray players are available from many major manufacturers of electronic equipment and significantly dropped in price, so the vast majority of consumers can enjoy the format.

The advantages of Blu-ray player
Blu-ray technology was developed by a group of electronics manufacturers. Its name comes from the blue-violet laser diode with a wavelength shorter than red laser diode is used to read standard DVD media. Blue-violet laser is placed in a Blu-ray disc allows you to record more data on a Blu-ray disc than on DVD, with a much higher resolution image, so viewing one (especially modern film), watching the actors through a crystal clear window.

The shorter wavelength violet laser can focus on a small area of the Blu-ray disc. By doing this, the laser reads the information from disks in the pits, which are much smaller and they are more densely Packed than those on the DVD, which ultimately increases the amount of information that can be stored on the Blu-ray disc. A standard DVD holds up to 4.7 GB of data while Blu-ray disc can hold up to 25 gigabytes. Dual layer Blu-ray discs can hold up to 50 gigabytes of data.

Blu-ray player is compatible back device that can read Blu-ray and DVD optical discs. Currently, many Blu-ray players not only uses high-definition video stored on Blu-ray discs, but also offers a wide range of web links to services streaming video on demand , so you can view HD multimedia need playback of a disc. Despite this, people still find solace in the ownership of physical media, so that the disk format will probably not disappear any time soon.

Don’t be blue, Get Blu
Thanks to the popularity of Blu-ray don’t need to work too hard to find an excellent Blu-ray quality, at a competitive price. Having said that, there are a few things you should know when deciding.

First, consider the type of connection that you will need. For example, if you find a player with multiple inputs and outputs, High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), easy to connect multiple devices (e.g., TVs, and smartphones). Many Blu-ray players can also be controlled with your mobile device using your home Wi-Fi network, which facilitates the maintenance of the player out of sight.

Streaming and wireless capabilities are important characteristics for many. There are many streaming services subscriptions, which Blu-ray player can connect. This feature is especially useful if you don’t have too much space on the Blu-ray discs and instead you prefer to transfer much of the content in high resolution. You have to make sure to check what services are available to the player before purchasing.

If you have a TV capable of displaying three-dimensional content (3D), of course, the Blu-ray player that supports playback of 3D discs.