Best Blood Pressure Monitors 2017

You are cut off from traffic. Your boss throws a new, tough deadline on your Desk. Your spouse says the words “second honeymoon”. Your daughter says that she met the man of her dreams at a concert where she was last night. All these things will undoubtedly lead to an increase in blood pressure.

Now there is nothing wrong; high blood pressure in moments of stress, he really is okay. The reaction to the fight or flight your body works in times of stress, flooding your blood with adrenaline and kortyzolem. These hormones increase the heart rate and reduce blood vessels, which in turn increases blood pressure. The effect lasts as long as you’re exposed to the stimulus stresora, after which your body begins to restore homeostasis.

Such blood pressure increase is random and it is very safe, provided that you suffer from heart disease, at a time when the growth stress can aggravate. You may find some of these of heart disease and catch it early enough to receive effective treatment by sfigmomanometru, popularly called a blood pressure monitor.

You probably have experienced these things, when you go to the doctor’s office. You wait in one of the rooms when he isn’t eating or finishes a game of Golf. At some time of waiting the nurse comes and takes your blood pressure. It includes shoulder Velcro around the arm, squeezes a rubber ball, which leads to the fact that the bandage on his shoulder, he draws, places a stethoscope on the inside of the elbow and releases the valve on the bandage, which relaxes his back and looks at what looks like a big thermometer on the wall.

These blood pressure monitors, eliminate the nurse and a large wall thermometer and instead use the air inside the armbands on the shoulder to measure the vibrations in the walls of arteries. These vibrations activate the transducer, which converts them into electric signals measured by the monitor.

Despite the fact that these monitors, known as ” pressure monitors sander, do not use pressure of mercury as a means of measurement, their values are still compatible with the usual numbers mm Hg. St, which medical associations worldwide are saying about the blood pressure.

The emphasis on numbers
Understanding reading blood pressure monitor is necessary to understand the status and health of the heart. As mentioned above, blood pressure monitors measure blood pressure in millimeters of mercury, as in seams, as rozkurczowych points heartbeat.

Measurement skurczowy is the pulse at which the heart pumps blood through the arteries and is the highest figure in the testimony. Measurement of the diastolic shows the pressure in the arteries between heartbeats, the lowest figure in the testimony. When I hear a nurse or doctor, “120 above 80”, it means a systolic pressure of 120 mm Hg. art. and diastolic pressure of 80 mm Hg.St.

It is important the measurement of these levels at rest , which may be the reason why nurses and doctors are doing, what are you waiting for so long in the office; allow you to relax for a while before taking any measurements.

Something less than 120 less than 80 is a good thing. It is considered normal (although it can also become too low). When you reach higher, you enter the pressure prehormensyjne, which may not require treatment, only a few lifestyle changes such as increased physical activity or improved diet. Anything above 140 and above is 90 years old and you have high blood pressure . Your doctor most likely prescribed you something that would reduce your pressure while you introduce additional changes in lifestyle.

Monitors from our list of give accurate measurements, although some have bigger, better screens than others, and some can even send your data directly to your smartphone. Some may also go to your resolution instead of a hand, if you want to keep privacy in case you need a monitor for a few days or more dimensions.

The pressure from the horse to man
When the blood system was the subject of medical curiosity, for millennia, only in the last few hundred years, scientists involved in medicine started the study and understanding of arterial pressure in relation to human health.

The first measurement of blood pressure of the animal touched the horse, not the person. The Reverend Stephen Hales in 1733. Put the glass tube perpendicular to the artery of a horse and measured the height of the blood that’s in him grew with every pump.

Almost 150 years later Samuel Siegfried Karl Ritter von Basch (known as the man whose name will cause a jump in blood pressure), invented the first sfigmomanometr.

These early blood pressure monitors were used to measure the actual mercury, a practice that had mostly fallen out of nielubianiu in favor of the environment. Mercury, in the end, quite dangerous, and its practices on the seabed often unethical and dangerous.

For these reasons, manufacturers have turned to digital methods of measurement using the sensitivity, which is not similar to the actions of the microphone to listen to the pressure pump through the blood vessels.