Best Bladeless Fans 2017

Dyson made a big plus in 2009, spending bezłopatkowych fans. If stopping at any electronics store, you will probably find that most sold bezłopatkowych fans this is still a model Dyson. Bureau of Patents and trademarks United States recognizes sir James Dyson and his team of engineers for the invention, so that could be forgiven, on the condition that they created the technology, but, as in everything, appearances can deceive.

In accordance with the documents submitted by the intellectual property Organization (IPO), Toshiba initially filed and received a patent bezłopatkowy fan in 1981 . Rejected even the first patent claim Dyson in 2009, Because, as he said in his initial decision, the Dyson version, “cannot be considered new or cannot be considered to require an inventive step”.

Dyson had again to submit another attempt of the patent, which uwidoczniła key feature of the project, known as the square Coandy . The air in the clear Dyson fan is forced through the ramp, which is the surface Coandy, and because of the angle, additional air is drawn in and creates additional protection and a more powerful flow of air. This additional feature, the project documentation was found to be sufficient improvement technology Toshiba for Dyson to get a patent.

The fan bezłopatkowy
While bezłopatkowy fan or the air Multiplier, as Dyson calls it, has no visible edges, it actually uses blades to create air movement. In the basement is a brushless electric motor , which contains nine symmetrically arranged blades which rotate and tighten the air inside the device. This small little engine can suck in about 20 liters of air per second.

After the introduction of air into the system, passes through a tunnel in the basement and a hollow tube that acts as a platform. The air flows around the pipes and comes out of the tiny 16mm slits around the frame at an angle of 16 degrees. Because of the physical law of induction, the air passing, pushing the engine leads to the fact that to follow him in the air.

Because right Hobbies air, the surrounding edge of the fan also starts to drift in the direction of the breeze. In an empty tube creates a low pressure area which sucks more air for many strategically located areas of the fan. All this increases the initial amount of air supplied to the engine in the basement.

The simultaneous pushing and pulling of air provides a steady stream of and, in accordance with Dyson, maybe even increase the power by 15-fold amount consumed by the engine. While this unique design of the fan made an incredible amount of airflow, there is one fatal flaw – it is very loud.

There was a lot of turbulence caused by the suction of air to the base and podskakiwaniem in the chamber of the cap. To solve this problem, Dyson has included a Helmholtz cavity to the base. Their efforts led to a 75% reduction of sound and also significantly reduce the size of the engine, due to the increased performance of the air flow.

Advantages bezłopatkowego fan over the standard fan
For those who are thinking about buying bezłopatkowego fan, it can be hard to justify, but have many advantages compared to traditional fans. First, air moves in a much smoother pattern, which creates a more consistent flow .

This gives two advantages compared to conventional fans . More relaxed to sit down in front of him, because the air flow is not less strong and feels more comfortable on the skin. Also increases the cooling capacity of the fan because you will have a continuous range of air flow.

After adding the already mentioned camera, the Helmholtz bezłopatkowe fans are almost silent. Even sitting next to that probably won’t be able to detect any noise, and if not for the cooling air flow will not even notice that the fan is turned on. For those who think that the loud noise of traditional fans annoying and distracting, bezłopatkowy fan, definitely worth the money.

If you have a small, interesting baby in the house, bezłopatkowy fan can be much safer as it has no external moving parts. Also surprisingly durable, despite their delicate and artistic appearance. You don’t have to worry about the edges of the blades striking the fan cover, if you hold them at an angle or accidentally tilt during operation. It is also hard not to notice the stylish style bezłopatkowych fans and, unlike conventional fans, will often add to the decor instead of you throwing it away.