Best Bike Speakers 2017

Cycling can be pleasurable, great for health and effective, cheap and environmentally friendly way to travel at the same time. But regardless of what you’re going through the Park for fun, down miles for exercise, or as part of a competition or using Bicycle as the preferred mode of travel to work, you need to make sure that they take all necessary precautions before you allow him to play, you work or ride a bike.

Riding in the city or busy suburb can be the most dangerous place for a cyclist. In 2013, the last year in which we have decent data in the United States have been over 900 fatal accidents of cyclists. And about two percent of persons killed in road accidents were in fact bikers. Add to these grim statistics, in 2013 brought nearly half a million visits to the emergency Department as the result of accidents on the bike, and it turns out that one should not underestimate the safety of Cycling.

Safety on a bike starts with wearing a helmet that is certified safe that fits You properly and which is to be adjusted to fit You. And remember that a Bicycle helmet is designed for one case, and that’s all: if you fall off the bike, and your helmet fell to the ground, a fence, a parked car, person or anything else, time to thank you for performing the work, drop it and immediately replace it.

Careful (he’s smart) cyclist also wears gloves that can protect hands during a crash, and many people prefer comfortable clothing that provides maximum aerodynamics and can minimize the “rash” on the road” in case of a fall. Good eye protection is also smart, because dust and dirt can cause lack of vision, which is dangerous, even if it takes only a few seconds.

In the case of night riding, the cyclist needs to ensure that lights are in good condition and have a fix for motorcycle, like headlight, and rear Blinker. Safe driving at night also is wearing a light and vest – if you really are not illuminated vest or belt.

Don’t worry, there are also plenty of Bicycle accessories designed to increase your pleasure, such as radio, Bicycle.

Great Gear For A Fun Ride
You can get a decent dynamics of the bike, which can connect with phone or multimedia device using a wired or wireless about thirty dollars. You can also get speaker bike computer that connects to Your devices and FM radio, and has 30 hour battery life and has a 20-watt power, which sends a powerful, crystal clear sound for about one hundred dollars.

If we are talking about speakers on the bike, you do get what you pay for . Below models work well, but they offer less sound quality and shorter battery life. In fact, you can even assign an arc to the life of the battery in terms of price, with one unit, the cost of 30 UAH offers eight hours of work, the unit face value of 50 USD with 15 and item worth a hundred dollars, including a 30-hour period.

When it comes to sound quality, it also follows a logical arc. Audiofil, who also enjoys Cycling long distances, therefore, needs to take a more expensive model. A cyclist commuter trains who want to hear the morning news, will be all right with a more affordable option.

Also remember that if you want to listen to music or programming while riding on a bike, you need a radio a Bicycle: you’ll never be able to ride safely with headphones in their ears or headphones. Loss of consciousness situation caused by such devices is simply unacceptable.

The dynamics of Cycling Beyond The Music
Speaker for bikes, of course, great to listen to your favorite music, listen to radio or podcasts when you’re on the go, but the Bicycle speaker can also provide something more than just a pleasant listening experience. If you use the phone speaker for bike with Bluetooth wireless technology and built-in microphone , you can make secure calls “no hands” while riding on the bike with maximum speed. It is great for the trader who wants to perform some exercises during your load call or for a friend or family member who wants to catch up, but it is also a great feature that can be used by cyclists during their rides, training or racing.

When you can reliably and quickly set or accept calls directly with your bike, you can stay in touch with the coach or team members, without losing speed and rhythm. It can help in coordination of the legs of the race and develop a plan to stay in the lead. More casual players can also use the same feature to stay connected with their companions during the long racing cross-country or when crossing crowded city streets.

The dynamics of the Bicycle can also be valuable tools for emergency response and improved situational awareness. You can chat with staff responsible for safety (or with other employees of the emergency services, if you are part of the crew) or use a radio for bike to listen to information about emergencies in case of storms, natural disasters or other serious problems you can meet while working your bike.