Best Bike Mirrors 2017

Cycling is one of the best things a man can have. Is neutral from the point of view of carbon emissions and environmentally friendly, provides both physical exercise the cardiovascular system, and skeletal muscles, and is pleasant. And in the cities, struggling with heavy traffic, weak mass transit, or both, riding a bike, maybe even the most efficient way to get around the city. Cycling means, however, exposing yourself to certain risks: just one distracted driver, one unseen hole or one pedestrian, who inevitably comes into the bike lane to cause an accident .

Wise, experienced rider takes precautions to minimize the risk that meets every time assembled bike. This includes the wearing of protective equipment, paying attention to the relevant adjustment and maintenance of the Bicycle, and often this involves adding in a few motorcycle accessories on the secondary market.

One of the best ways to stay safe on the bike, increase situational awareness, by attaching the bike to your bike.

Mirror Cycling allows for fractional seconds checks the area located behind and to the side of the bike, helping in the safe cornering and changes and alert on potential threats which can affect your space. Of course, just a turn of the head can also help in checking yours, doing this can tear your attention from the road directly in front of the danger, which is prepared in front of you. Thanks lusterkowi rowerowemu you can watch the area behind and to the side. The preservation of consciousness in the road or path ahead is crucial, especially when riding a Bicycle in a crowded urban area or on an uneven path full of obstacles, such as meetings of cyclists.

Professional drivers can also use mirrors to bicycles; every split second counts in a serious race, and often the loss of the rhythm caused by the rear view look can mean the difference between victory and second-place. Mirror Cycling allows You to keep an eye to the goal line, whilst retaining the cards of their competitors.

The majority of mirrors uses a Bicycle-driven tension round attachments for mounts that can be attached to the holders for almost any bike. Some of them can be poślizgnięte at the ends of straight handlebars, but they may not work with the curved handles of the motorcycle race. When choosing a mirror, on the bike, to compensate for the advantages that can be obtained from the large mirror, for example, a wider view – with the additional resistance and a higher profile that can create a mirror.

Other important accessories for Bicycle safety
If there’s one subject that you must use every responsible cyclist, it is, of course, a helmet. Riding without a helmet is never a good idea, under any circumstances, no matter how short can be Your ride, no matter where you will ride a bike, and no matter how you confidence in your ability. Never ride without a helmet; it’s that simple.

In addition to the helmet is another important equipment which needs to use a biker is the right lighting . After dark, a motorcyclist is much more vulnerable to injury in an accident, because it is wrong-lit bike is simply difficult to distinguish, especially when he is lost among the lights of the bustling city traffic. Lights are a good start, but the real lamps are required for safe driving at night or in conditions of rainy, misty or other conditions.

At the absolute minimum, Your bike should have a bright red light attached to the back – it’s best with quick two times, and white lamp in the style of the headlights in the front, which helps you see and makes sure you’re clearly visible when approaching for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians. Consider also the use of the reflector, which will help illuminate your path and that will make it so that you will become more visible to others, thanks to its high position. Illuminated vests are also a great choice for cautious cyclists.

A beep or ringtone Cycling is also a good idea for frequent cyclists; these devices can warn others of Your presence, and is especially useful when you approach pedestrians or cyclists from behind. The horn and / or melodies enhance the safety of the driver and pedestrians in the daytime when the light was useless in the sun.

Finally, don’t forget the importance of clothing when riding a Bicycle. Designated cyclists do not wear a narrow, form of clothes because you think it’s stylish, but, rather, because it minimizes the air resistance and makes the skating more efficient; reduces the risk of entrapment of clothes for the gears, pedals and other equipment; and helps protect you from injuries and scratches if you fall off the bike during the accident.

Why Bicycle safety is serious: statistical data on annual accidents
In 2015, nearly 820 cyclists were killed in accidents on American roads. In the previous year was approximately 725 of these deaths. Appears the slow trend which – although otrzeźwiający – not surprising more and more people ride bikes, and therefore more cyclists injured or dies under the knife of a doctor, every year.

While less than 1000 deaths per year on bicyclistach may seem low because of the growing popularity of bikers on the roads of the United States, the figure is balanced by other statistics: in the year 2015. About 45,000 cyclists were injured in a road situation and many of them are in catastrophic form.

Major crash on the bike in the first half of day there in the morning, from six to nine o’clock in the afternoon, pointing to an intense evening travel to work, which is extremely dangerous for Cycling. About a quarter of the persons participating in case of fatal accidents on the bike were fed alcohol before driving.

It should be noted that almost 90% of fatalities on the bike this year are men. More men ride bikes than women, but the overwhelming disparity between the sexes in the cases also points to the fact that men drive more recklessly and gentlemen fit for your skills Cycling.

Headed by the preservation of common sense, appropriate protective equipment and careful thinking, Cycling is largely safe, and indeed, this enterprise is ecologically clean and healthy. Reasonable rider just comes in knowing what areas, time and practice are the least secure and accordingly adjust their behaviour.