Best Bidet Toilet Seats 2017

Bidet is the French invention, but the earliest written reference is taken from Italy in 1710. These first primitive bidet was not anything like the fancy models we have today, many of which can spray hot or cold water and have built in hair dryers and deodorants. Started as a normal bowl which you can Crouch and use it in the bedroom and not the bathroom.

In 1750. Appeared bidet cheese seringue. This evolution bidet contained reservoir, which supplied the hand pump, which has produced up-directed spray for cleaning the genital organs. Bidet has not changed over the next 150 years, until the twentieth of the XX century, when the modern sewage system allowed the us manufacturer of toilets, putting him in the bathroom. This new reincarnation of the bidet was like a porcelain lamp that was installed next to the toilet . It was zraszający faucet and handles for adjusting the pressure during the cleaning of private parts. In 1928 John Harvey Kellogg patented a shower anal intended to enter the toilet, unlike a completely separate unit.

The first toilet with a fully integrated bidet was produced in the United States in 1964, but never caught in the U.S. Instead, he became insanely popular in Japan. In the 80-ies. Japan began to develop bidet super-high-tech with an increasing number of functions. The first of these was the inclusion of hot and cold water. Over time, bidet begin to appear with such functions as automatic opening cover, automatic rinsing, heated seats, dryer venting, and even some massage. Currently, many of them contain wireless control panel, soap dispenser, self cleaning nozzle and a lot of settings for children and adults.

The types bidetów
A bidet can be a traditional individual models, Autonomous or in the design of the toilet seat. Independent models are installed next to the toilet, but you need a lot of extra space in the bathroom, as well as special knowledge of hydraulic or specialist, who will do it correctly.

Traditional bidet come in two main categories: the Hoop and heated disks. On the shores bidetów horizontal mask provides the water flow to your private parts in a bowl bidetowej, as in the case of a sink filled with water. Heated hoops bidetów have jet fountain near the center of the bowl with a bidet. This allows the spray of water upward to cleanse the genitals. There are also combination bidetów that have both sprays horizontally and vertically.

The best choice for the average home owner glance at a few seats, electric TOILET, bidet available in the market. This type is installed on an existing toilet in the same way as the traditional Board toilet. Not just electric toilets bidetowe they are easier to install, they will not look out of place in your home, and they have many advanced features listed in the previous section.

In many countries of South Asia and Southeast Asia, they have a so-called shower bidetowy. They are similar to the nozzle found on zlewozmywakach the kitchen, because they are attached to a long hose and nozzle have a manual-style drain hole.

Theories on why most Americans don’t use the bidetów
It is difficult to determine exactly why a bidet you do not have the same popularity in America as they have in many countries, European and Asian, but there are a lot of interesting theories .

Some believe that she returns to the contempt the British in the eighteenth century had for their French neighbors. Early Americans took a significant part of its cultural orientation with its British heritage, and just as the British looked at hedonistic and decadent lifestyle of the French and American colonists. This could lead to a lack bidetów in early America, which continues today.

Another theory dates back to the SECOND world war, when many American soldiers first met bidetami in the French brothels . Because America has always been a bit conservative people, could lead one to think that a bidet can be associated with immorality and wickedness.

The third argument can be put that it refers to the physical aspect of what takes place in the case of using a bidet in the traditional way. Unlike toilet paper, which a piece of paper protects your hands from direct contact with your anus, a bidet was traditionally used in the order in which the naked hand was used for spraying and cleaning of the buttocks. This practice rarely lasts in our time, as modern plumbing and water pressure does not cause is that it’s necessary.

Regardless of the reason for the lack of popularity in the past, modern electric toilets with bidet experience a major increase in the demand of the population and there is reason to believe that the future bidetów in America looks very bright.