Best Bear Sprays 2017

The best way to survive meeting a bear is to never meet a bear.

No need to avoid wildlife, to avoid bears, just need to take action to stay safe when you are on the field. It may seem paradoxical, but the best way to prevent the attack of a bear (or other animal) to make sure that all the local bears know where you are. Making a lot of noise while walking or warnings about wild bears on your presence, and most often you are sending them the other way – wild animals intuitively know that any being that wants to blatantly quiet, not someone to love. Conduct loud conversations with partners nomads, born to sing or to speak, and even to consider consolidating calls a backpack.

At the campsite it is necessary to divide the food from his personality. There is a good reason why there are cans, and it’s not the value of the news is that he experienced, person external, recommending suspension of the meal to fifteen feet above the ground and that a few hundred meters from the tent every night. The bears will sniff and eat your will to explore them, especially when it will fall and you quietly at night.

Of course, not all bears are found in the deep woods; in fact, bears more and more common in areas because people continue to build houses in the areas of wildlife, but because destructible and zubo┼╝amy forests, bears are traditionally used as hunting and feeding.

If you live in an area near populations of bears, remember to never leave garbage containers filled with food . Food waste must be removed for a short time before throwing them in the garbage and periodically clean garbage containers which may contain fragments or sediment in them edible materials. You can also take steps to have the property became deny me hospitality for the bears, setting devices, such as remotely triggered lights, sprinklers and noise devices.

And remember, if you see a bear, whether in nature or in your area, it is best to let him go without an escalation of the confrontation. If you meet a bear, who seems excited and ready to attack, maybe the bear spray is incurable and reliable way to scare off the animal’s behavior and safety.

The selection and use of Bear Spray
Any decent box spray for bears should be able to scare the bear, if you use it correctly. However, there are few reasons why you should consider higher lines and there are other circumstances in which option is more reasonable price, ideal.

If you are a traveler, an rv or a mountain climber who may one day enter into close contact with a large, rozgniewanym bear, while you are far from help and with no safe haven where you can get away using the spray can very well be a situation of life and death . In this case, you’ll be glad you went ahead and spent the fifty dollars for a large can of spray on bears. In this price range you get sprays, at least dwuprocentowym concentration of capsaicin which is an irritant zapalnie, intense formula that is almost certainly directed animal.

A lot of more expensive cans of the spray with the bear also proposes two other factors, which will be very valuable when you are in a wild range and spraying . When your bear spray can fall into the “target” at more than two dozen feet and can always spray a few seconds, you increase the chance of reversal of the bear before it attacks, thereby keeping both you and the animal, safer.

If you are looking for banks with bear spray, which you use to scare the bear from your estate, less with a smaller range and a smaller price tag is probably in order. If the bear is near your home, you only need a decent dose of bear spray near the animal’s security a broken door or window, and then retreat to their place of residence; the animal probably then leaves without further incident, even if not hit directly in the face.

A few words about the American bears
With the exception of Alaska and its powerful polar Bears in the us, you can find two kinds of bears . The first and more violent Grizzly bear . These animals can reach 800 pounds, can have nine and a half feet tall on their hind legs and wild hunters, which actually afraid. Grizzly attacks if provoked, and could easily kill a man.

The other mode is inaccurately named Black Bear – in fact, black bears can be grey, brown or even mostly white. These bears rarely more than 400 pounds and usually timid, and disappear when they noticed people to freedom (or, rather, when I see or hear of a person).

However, even in the case of one rather small, rather angry genre bear, and other large enough, a rather terrible kind of bears living in America, fatal bear attacks in the United States is fabulously rare. During the last five years was recorded in less than fifteen deaths caused by the attack of bears in this country, and many of these attacks could have been easily avoided if the unfortunate victim had used with great caution.