Best Beach Umbrellas 2017

All umbrellas, beach sun loungers, beach towels are unmatched. Size is a factor, believe it or not, because some people prefer a smaller umbrella (4-6 feet in diameter), which is suitable for one person, while others prefer something bigger (8-10 feet in diameter), which is suitable for the group.

In addition to the diameter it is necessary to indicate that the height of the adjustable beach umbrella. Thus, you can move the column down tents to relax and extend it to greet others in the group.

Design is important if you have children. The idea is to ensure potential road signs to Your children and even the company – can always find you on a crowded beach. When considering a project , you should also take into account the durability and strength of umbrellas. Most beach umbrellas made from polyester , so it is difficult to determine which model is better compared to elements. After reviewing customer feedback, you will get a more complete picture of what the umbrellas are susceptible to breaking, locking or snatching the roots and flying along the coast.

By the way, remember that you can get much more benefit from the middle of the beach umbrella, if you use it in the shade in the middle of any table outdoors in the offseason. This is not the main selling point, but it could be a factor if your final choice comes down to one umbrella, which is suitable to the color of your home, and the other looks like were on a crowded beach.

How to prevent umbrella ruined your day at the beach
In one way or another we’ve all experienced an awkward phenomenon when we saw a beach umbrella, which was out on the beach. Typically, this occurs as a result of sudden, unexpected gust of wind. But actually the real reason has more to do with how the beach umbrella was originally installed in the ground.

If you want to avoid the embarrassment caused by blowing the umbrella – or, even worse, to hurt somebody, it is best to use a rubber hammer (or shovel) when you install a metal rod in the sand. Twisting or forcing of the umbrella manually is an important no-no on a windy day. At least in the next few hours you’ll have to set the column which tilts, tilts or deviates to one side or the other.

In the same direction, it is important to take into account wind direction. Want your umbrella slightly tilted in the wind, providing, thus, the resistance to him. Umbrellas, which were set at an angle in the same direction as the wind, constantly take a storm as a parachute. This can lead to dmuchnięcie umbrella. The direction of the wind on the beach subject to change during the day. As a precaution look at the neighboring flag on the lifeguard stand. This will allow you to confirm when and if the winds have changed.

If your umbrella is constructed with zakręcaną anchor on the bottom, you can get additional support, taking an empty 5-holiday. bucket. Plastic buckets are common on the beach but 5-gal. the size is better as it can accommodate up to 50 pounds. worth of sand. Fill the bucket halfway. Insert and twist the rod for the umbrella. Then fill in the rest of the bucket and Voila! You have 50 pounds. stand for umbrella.

A brief history of umbrellas
The very first umbrellas were nothing more than large trees, as a rule, waterfowl, serving over the head of the aristocrats in the shadows. As soon as the separation of the nobility and the common people became more and more apparent, especially in ancient Egypt and China , aristocratic umbrellas were clear province of the rich. Pale skin was associated with the fact that part of the upper class. This meant the person who does not spent her days working in the sun.

This difference remained in the text, for several centuries up until the usefulness of the umbrella began to develop in the eleventh century. The Chinese took the seals of their umbrellas, so the device was two times more useful than before. Over the next 200 years the trade route to Europe has resulted in massive proliferation of the umbrella. The umbrellas remained Supplement for wealthy women, but the umbrellas were bought – or more often rent – via European traders.

The next great era of the umbrella, which occurred during the industrial revolution . Along with the development of the American market, as well as new patents. There was a pocket and adjustable umbrellas umbrellas and umbrellas that automatically open and close. Along with them there was a revival of the ideas that the umbrella needs to be used in the shade. Here beach umbrella, which existed unnoticed for centuries, it really began to grow.

Umbrellas on the beach took off in a mad result of surfing America . Then came the concerns about skin cancer, which prompted people to stay out of reach of the sun. Today the beach remains as a permanent element of the American beaches. Is permanent as the rest on shore for a family vacation.