Best Beach Carts 2017

There are three things that separate stroller beach with a Luggage cart , in the cart the food industry or in any other stroller, for that matter. First, the stroller on the beach must be able to travel on the sand. This means that the rear wheels are very often very thick, with great tread , with the help of substances such as reinforced rubber or polyurethane, to avoid falling or plowing.

The second thing that separates the beach from stroller everyday stroller is its size. Stroller on the beach you should be able to carry large objects such as metal chairs, boards Boogie woogie, radiators, umbrellas and others. To do these things, the stroller on the beach should be designed to open containers, metal stojakami and reliable seat belts, so that nothing has fallen (or not in this case. fluent).

The third thing that separates the beach from stroller everyday stroller is the fact that most of the strollers on the beach you can take apart. Often removable rack holders are, and the containers can be removed. Of course, it is a matter of necessity. The stroller should be foldable if you are going to throw it away in the trunk and store it in a closet or space on wheels when not in use.

What you need to know about basket beach before I buy it?
The first thing when considering strollers beach to know how much equipment will need to adhere to. Various carts offer a variety of goods), as well as offer a variety of storage options.

Packing too much load can lead to a crash of sand in the car or dive into the ground. In addition to the amount of equipment, it is worth considering what type of equipment needs to have a stroller on the beach. Some strollers fully equipped with a metal panel and b-pillar, while the other deliberately reduced to provide greater mobility.

Second order of business when we consider the stroller on the beach, it’s wheels. If the wheels are wide? Do they have a deep tread? What are they made of? Or sand them beat? Or it will cause them to break? The wheels are built on negotiations, not only sand but bitumen? These are all important factors.

The ultimate goal of the company is the fact that the stroller on the beach develops. This is especially important if you have a small car, because the average truck will spent a lot of time in the trunk of the car. Almost all of them spend a few months out of the year, traction in the basement or garage. If wheels and safety harness detachable front panel? What do you say to a garbage container or bag? Can you fold the handle down? The lower stand?

A brief history of strollers beach in America
Theoretically, the concept of beach wheelchairs has existed for centuries. Despite this, the first official U.S. patent for a folding buggy on the beach was presented to a man named – get this – Donald Sands in 1959.

The time of the invention of the Sands was not accidental. Started insanity on the West coast, and Sands, most likely, tried to use all the noise. Cart beach rest is a real product in the next thirty years, reaching its peak from the point of view of the renewed patents in the mid-nineties.

The latest breakthrough in the industry of wheelchairs, beach took place in 2007, When introduced the first beach trolley with electric drive . These new loaders have been and are supported by a motor with rechargeable battery and remote control. Huge innovation, of course, and yet it failed to catch due to high prices.