Best Ball Retrievers 2017

The true origin of the game of Golf has been the subject of debate for many years, with no clear answer on the website. The game of Golf played in different cultures for many years. Already in the year 100 BC was the Roman game known as paganica, in which players hit a soft leather balls with bent sticks. Some historians call this a real source of Golf, but others point to Chuiwan , a game Song Dynasty China, in which players hit the ball with a bat. Another early game that could be a precursor to the game of Golf, cambuca , English game in the genre of stick-and-ball from the XII century.

Because for centuries, the links appear to play Golf in different cultures, difficult for historians to say with certainty where it started. Until recently has often been acknowledged that Scotland, the third of what became the modern Golf, but new evidence now confirms the theory that the first time she starred in Holland before he emigrated to Scotland. The earliest images of people playing Golf found in a book written in the early fifteenth century in France. She was the property of the Duchess of Burgundy and precedes all the links Golf course in Scotland.

No matter what are the actual origins of Golf, it is known that he was extremely popular in Scotland and was supposed to be outside the law through the Scottish Parliament in 1457, because he had distributed military training in archery. In the year 1500. Tsar Ivan IV lifted the ban of course, as he was a fan of the sport, and often liked to play alone.

In the XVII century Golf became a popular pastime in England, the first British Open was held in 1860. Around the same time the popularity of Golf spread rapidly in the Western world. The first permanent Golf club in North America, canadian Royal Montreal Club was established in Montreal in 1873. The United States quickly followed in his footsteps, creating its very own 18-hole Golf course, built in Wheaton, Chicago, Chicago Golf Club in 1893.

The Golf Ball Retriever
A device for retrieving Golf balls are used to retrieve Golf balls, which otherwise would be out of reach, for example, in water or in the deep earth. There are a telescopic rod, some of which extend more than 20 feet, and a view of the top of the head, which is able to pick up balls. Most balls are collected using a simple capture , but some models are designed so that they can be ucisnąć on the ball. These models often have some way to protect the ball in the head to not fall out, when the Retriever is lifted. Scanners of Golf balls is priceless, if you often play on courses with the danger associated with deep water.

The Golf ball was first patented in 1964, Harvey G Wysonga. Before he created a ball Retriever, players often left the balls that meets the requirements in water . On the Golf courses, you can either periodically hire divers or draining of the dangers associated with water to recover the beads, which are then sold players such as used balls.

In 1976, Anthony F. Area patented vacuum of a Golf ball. Turned out it conical socket with a vacuum pump, which may be under pressure to blow the Golf balls into the container. Arm was included to release the vacuum pressure, when it’s time to throw the ball.

Piazza thought it would facilitate the recovery of the balls and allow players to return the ball from a green Cup without bending. While this style Retriever enjoyed some success, currently it is difficult to find them when players often choose more simple styles retrieverów.

The collection of the corresponding Retriever
When choosing player Golf ball players often have to make a compromise between length and displacement . On the one hand, it’s wise to buy long ball, but this may hinder the transportation of the Golf bag . Before buying a Retriever players should measure their planned location, to make sure that is placed after the complete withdrawal. This can be a side pocket on the Golf bag or if there is extra room in the nest club.

The material for construction should also be taken into consideration when buying a ball. Because they are regularly exposed to water, you should look for one made of stainless steel or aluminum, as these metals will not rust . If you choose the stainless steel model, double check the weight. The balls will be too heavy cumbersome and difficult to use at full extension.

If you are worried wypadającą the ball after a rebound, look for a model that has some kind of locking mechanism to keep the ball safe in his place. If you want to find a threat the water for balls that other players have left , think Retriever with a head, designed to lift several balls. Some can accommodate two or three balls at the same time. This allows you to keep more balls with less effort.