Best Aux Cables 2017

The main telephone connector is used in cables of the auxiliary can trace its roots until 1878 , when the connector ćwierćcalowe intended for use by operators of the central manual types of calls. Later, dwuprzewodowe version of 3.5 mm and 2.5 mm was developed as a smaller alternative to the massive cable ćwierćcalowego and has been widely used to connect headphones transistor radio. In 1964 Sony used radio, 3.5 mm radio broadcasts , but contact has become more common with the advent of the famous player Walkman in 1979.

Coming soon 3.5 mm Jack has become almost universal analog connector audio because consumer electronics and portable audio has gained popularity. Small size connector, and easy separate plug-in, led to the fact that is ideal for universal use. Today Jack 3.5 mm used with almost all devices, pedestrian which have audio out including digital cameras, smartphones, computers, microphones and other similar devices. In particular, one device has changed the paradigm of how we connect with music and other audio content.

In the beginning of XXI century, the advent of the ipod and the simultaneous presence of other MP3 players – has forever changed the relationship between music and the listener. Physical storage formats such as hard disk, compact, quickly became outdated as people around the world decided to use these new, highly efficient devices. Even the first MP3 players can store hundreds or even thousands of digital songs on a device that fits in the palm of your hand, providing for the first time unsurpassed ease of carrying and access to music and other audio files. The success of the MP3 player has also influenced the other types of equipment, as the aux cable became the bridge between the personal libraries of audio and the world, connecting with speakers, cars, computers and many others.

A closer look at the Aux cable
During the test of the Aux cable you will see that the support are not a term of art: these cables have a lot of names.

The Aux cables are usually cables male to a type male with 3.5 mm connector – designed to fit standard headphone Jack and / or microphone on one or both ends. These connectors are technically a type of telephone connector, but in order for matter was a little more complicated, you can also call them minijackami stereo, jacks machines, telephone-a mini-framework familiar to us civilization, stereo or any combination of those words.

The term of technical support for the type of connector used on the cable Aux TRS Jack . Letter abbreviations refer, respectively, to the “tip”, “ring” and “sleeve”. Cables are used to transmit analog audio signals through the components. The tip of the metal end of the plug, while the sleeve is usually sanded and describes a long metal cap at the base of the connector. The ring describes a metal section that surrounds the plug. (TS connector does not have rings, so they have two wires and are suitable for balanced and unbalanced inputs connect.)

As mentioned, most cables Aux cables male to male with corresponding connectors 3.5 mm, also known as Jack stereo mini-Jack. But although, as a rule, have the same plug on both ends, some options are also available a number of more specialised connectors on one side. For example, if the Aux cable is used with the receiver, you can choose mini-Jack stereo 3.5 mm to RCA cable, available to accommodate the input of the receiver.

The choice of an appropriate Aux cable for Your needs
If you just want to connect your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, ipod, or old CD-player or Player) auxiliary input port of your car , just buy the appropriate aux cable worth not more than ten dollars. In fact, you can find the cable, which is just on less than ten dollars, but you have to be ready for his short time.

However, if you choose cables that will be used in a professional recording Studio or at the restaurant in the workspace, and you’ll have to make sure that you have reliable communication between devices and a large amount of excess cord to move the unit in space, see the results of larger sums of money. Think in the region of twenty dollars. As you can guess, the auxiliary cables are pretty affordable. Even the Aux cable with gold plated 24K connector cable with braided copper, which has aluminum shielding and insulation of polyethylene, available in price for each.

The choice of an appropriate aux cable, so there is less budget, but more because of the length of the cable, and as it may seem, and appearance. The selection of cable of appropriate length should be easy; enough to measure the distance that sits the device from the port with which it should connect. The appearance of Aux cable is another question: for example, many cables, auxiliary, rather, visible, balanced on the dashboard of a car or coming out of your ears in the pocket, for example, appearance matters.