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When You’re not home to pick up your phone and you do not want to be habitual for your mobile phone at any time, a physical answering machine can be a great addition. Such a device prevents the adhesion to the technology, and confidence that you will not miss important calls from people with whom later they will have to contact.

In the traditional sense, the answering machine is a physical device for receiving calls (or TAD) connected to a desktop phone, allowing you to record your voice messages from an incoming caller for later playback. After a certain number of calls, the device automatically answers a call from a recorded message (or greeting ) to the caller, notifying her of your absence. As a rule, your greeting can be configured so that callers hear your own voice instead of auto. After the recorded message a caller can leave a private message for future playback. You can then delete it or register, depending on the type of used car.

A device for receiving phone calls is a little different from the concept of voice mail , because the mail is centralized and networked solution for recording messages while the device corresponding to the telephone connected through a real phone line. In this regard, the basic concept as voice mail and answering machine is the same, to inform callers about Your absence and to let in exchange for detailed message. Services related to machines and voice mail can be used in situations both professional and personal. However, the voice mail systems are typically configured for smartphone users and for large enterprises, a large flow of queries via telephone and dedicated employees customer service to answer messages left.

Autoresponders are divided into two main categories: digital and tape . This answering machine is the oldest of them uses double-sided tape on which you can record, delete and re-record messages. Tape is often embedded in the phone. Because the tape device uses physical media to write messages, there are a limited number of sound data that can be stored. In order to reproduce or to repeat the message the phone owner has to manually play , pause and przewijaćtaśma to hear the message. If the user does not have to store messages, the tape can be rewound back to the beginning and reused to record new set of messages.

Tape machines can be installed one or two cassettes. In the car with two cassettes, one cassette is designed for playback of outgoing message that the caller hears after a certain number of calls, while the other tape is used to record incoming messages after the outgoing greeting. In the case of devices with a single cartridge, as a greeting, and incoming messages are stored on the same tape.

Digital answering machines (also known as the digital voice services) is an electronic device connected to a landline phone with the ability to record voice messages for the inner loop of memory . Chip keeps track of the exact date and hour of call as well as the messages themselves, eliminating the need to use tape and providing more reliable service to storage messages. Harder to fill in the digital memory, and because the physical tape has been removed from the equation.

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Find the best answering machine for Your needs is a matter of context and communication. For example, if you are a business owner with a need for links to posts without having to worry about rewinding tapes again and again, this digital machine is definitely the right choice. Not only a few devices are digitally integrated with a charging station connected to a wireless telephone, but they offer large capacity along with a high number of calls and whistles that are not on older machines, belt.

Random access memory (RAM) – this is a big advantage with digital answering machine, so be sure to find a model with enough memory to accommodate more incoming messages. Some of the best digital devices can store up to 50 numbers in its recent calls or stories to 60 minutes in the space of voice messages with their memory. Digital machine receives a message from a caller and converts it into a stream of bytes, while the microcontroller converts it to digital form of the voice of the caller by using analog-to-digital Converter, and then writes the message in main memory of the computer of low power.

Many of these devices also enables remote access to stored messages, which is especially convenient while traveling or doing business that requires checking missed calls when You’re not in the office.

In the case of large families of digital answering machines provide the added benefit of owning individual mailbox, which callers can access via voice messages. Thus, each family member can access your voice mail messages without having to listen to others, so it is definitely an important feature to consider when making a purchase.

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The first phones used the technique of magnetic recording , which was first used by the Danish inventor and engineer Valdemar Poulsen in 1898. In 1890 Poulsen patented the Telegraph , which was a device for recording sound on a steel wire or tape. He later developed the model to automatically answer a call and record a message. The invention Poulsena was recognized as the basis for today’s audio industry, making it one of the main factors contributing to the development of audio cassettes , CDs and DVDs .

In 1914, Thomas Edison invented a machine teleskrybową , which combined the use of the phone with dyktującym fonografem , thus allowing the recording of both sides of the conversation using wax cylinders.

In 1949, the first commercially successful machine was the electronic Secretariat , which was invented by Joseph Zimmermana and businessman George W. Dannera , the founders of the Electronic Secretary Industries in Wisconsin. This device used the player records for ads and logger wired to record and playback messages.

A quick transition to mid 80-ies. XX century on the restructuring of the American telephone and telecommunication company (AT & T), when answering machines became widely used, and cheaper in the United States. The first fully digital answering machines came out around the same time. Currently autoresponders are available in different forms, including in the voice mail features available on mobile phones, phones, video and mobile computers connected to base stations equipped with wireless phones come equipped with their own built in device to store messages without using magnetic tape.