Best Android Car Stereos 2017

Long before Android there was a small firm that produces software for mobile devices under the name of Danger . Danger was founded by former Apple designer Andy Rubin. While most of the products, the Danger never became a hit on the home market, the company has developed a Hiptop in 2002, the extremely popular phone sold by T-Mobile that had a keyboard, and an integrated landscape viewing web pages, messages, and e-mail built into the interface. Hiptop ultimately turns into a T-Mobile Sidekick, which was sold continuously in 2011.

Shortly after the development Hiptopu, Danger Board took the decision to replace Rubin, a decision that had a dramatic impact on the world of smartphones as we know it today. After leaving Danger, Rubin founded a new company called Android Inc., with a focus on platform development smartfonowej open source . The first two years of ruby is almost entirely funded from his own pocket, but this soon changed.

In 2005. Microsoft and Blackberry have been busy developing and selling their own versions of smartphone’s and Google, which appeared with a large excess of cash and bought a large number of new businesses necessary for the conclusion of a product that could compete. Want more phones with built-in Google search by default. Ruby recognized the need for and threw them software open source Android. To create an open platform where all developers had to work and interact with their devices, for Google it was a great way to achieve their goals.

Established in 2006 the first prototype phone to use Android was HTC Before , although I never got into the consumer market. Was created as a collaboration between Android, Google and T-Mobile. However, in 2007, as was Soon still in the testing phase, Apple released the first iPhone, a full touch screen device that changes your smartphone. For comparison, mobile “more coming Soon” looked solely przestarzale. He pads design, physical keyboard, dedicated call keys and navigation, and was not equipped with a touch screen. Rubin realized that can’t compete with the elegant and modern design of the iPhone.

After returning to the drawing Board for another year, T-Mobile G1 (also known as HTC Dream) was released as the world’s first smartphone with Android. It was a touch screen device that Rubin felt that can withstand the increasingly popular iphone. Unlike other smartphones, developed or manufactured by Apple and LG included a full QWERTY keyboard with all the touch screens. G1 was a big hit. Combining modern functionality with a touch screen with known physical QWERTY keyboard, the phone has become popular due to the wide color demographic data.

After a successful proof of concept and release of Google’s free mobile platform, open-source, companies like Motorola and Samsung quickly started to create their own headphones to enter the consumer market. The Android phenomenon has begun.

The Explosion Of Android
Due to the success of mobile phones with Android and the concept of the Internet of things gains momentum for more than a decade, it was inevitable that Android will not remain in place for a long time. In October of 2010. Samsung released the first tablet with Android card Galaxy Tab Galaxy 600 000 cards were sold within the first two weeks and over two million were shipped within two months. It was followed by the Motorola Xoom, released in February 2011, and more card Galaxy Tab 10.1, released in March 2011. Because Android is a platform open source, many companies launch devices that use it, leading phones and tablets are quickly becoming obsolete. Fortunately, there are a number of services devoted only to assist in the sale of devices with Android system .

In the next few years the Android operating system has exploded on many other devices. During this time we saw the release TVs with Android TV receivers, car stereo systems, mobile devices, cameras, projectors and others. Quickly abandoned the status of an ordinary mobile device operating system and windows was the operating system, everything . It seemed that was not the device which may not be to integrate Android.

Samsung and Nikon introduce loads for devices with Android OS with camera Galaxy Camera and Coolpix S800c camera. These devices contain touch screen, built-in GPS and Wi-Fi, email, social networking and much more. They were basically what you would expect if the smartphone was connected with the camera.

Android introduced our machines in two different formats. First appeared in 2012 in car receiver Clarion . Includes 6.5-inch touch screen that can be used to view videos, play games and control properties of the sound. Also came pre-installed with Angry Birds and Facebook, as well as built-in GPS and Bluetooth. In mid-2014. It was announced Android Auto, the operating system installed on your smartphone, but was designed to connect to the audio system and navigation system of the vehicle. Output shows and can be controlled via the vehicle display.

Also in 2014, it was announced the Android Wear operating system, designed exclusively for wearing . Wearables are one of the few devices where Android has hit the market before Apple. Samsung once again led the attack this time with the release of the Galaxy Gear. Soon LG and Motorola continued their watch based on Android.

Android found its way into unexpected areas, such as refrigerators with embedded touch screens, which can order food, or you can create shopping lists, as well as a washing machine, which can send warnings to smartphone as washing.

What to look for in Android Car Stereo
A lot of new machines shipped with Android Auto is already integrated with their audio systems, but not everyone has the vulnerability that we are able to meet and purchase a new stamp to have the latest technology. Fortunately, we don’t need. Instead, we can buy one of these, relatively inexpensive car stereo systems Android.

There are many functions that are standard in almost every model, such as touch screen and Bluetooth, but there are also many other features that seem to be a little more mandatory, which means that some models can contain and some can’t. It is important to look at the specifications and the functionality of each set of stereo to make sure that it meets Your requirements.

One of the most inherent aspects of any system stereo screen. Yes, will be a big part of the interaction with the device. In an ideal situation, you should look for a model that has a screen in the range of 6 to 7 inches. Anything less may be hard to detect and control. The more text on the screen, the less time you have to look at it, to read everything, it would be safer.

Persons having a large library of CDs needs to have an eye on a stereo that has a built-in CD player. Many models in fact there is not one, so keep that in mind. If you already have or do you plan to add the camera up or sensor on the dashboard, it is important to choose the model offers a remote camera.

If Your car has controls on the steering wheel, you want to buy a model that supports them. Otherwise, you can stay useless buttons on the wheel, which has nothing to control. The same can be said about these headrests with monitors. If you have a monitor, headrest, make sure the device you are considering, able to control them.

Just because you have an iPhone, this does not mean that you are not lucky, if you want to have a stereo system Android. Many models can connect to iOS, but their functionality may be more limited than in the case of pairing them with an Android device. Other features to consider when making a purchase, is the connection settings (USB and AUX inputs), regardless of whether the built-in GPS and HD radio, and to what extent, supported by external memory card. Some of them can also be used to create an access point Wi-Fi in the car.