Best Alkaline Water Filters 2017

You may have heard that you can take a human tooth (say, a child’s tooth that has fallen, of course) and place it in a glass of coke, leave it there for the night. The next morning the tooth will be (mostly) dissolved.

The first thing most people think when they hear that the sugar in Cola, and sugar is definitely a problem. Bad almost everything in your system, but this only accelerates the accumulation of plaque on your teeth will not fall apart them. Does this acid in Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola is an extreme example, because it actually contains a large amount of acid. In the list of ingredients. If there is something that you would assume that it is pH balanced to be neutral territory between acidity and zasadowością, one would expect it to be water. It tastes like nothing , right?

Well, ordinary water from the tap is not too far away, but it leads towards sour, when approaching to about 6.5 on the pH scale.

Remember: the pH Scale 0 to 14, where 0 means acid high acid and 14 the most alkaline. 7 exactly in the center. The scale is also logarithmic which means that each point in the scale factor 10. A6, thus 10 times more acidic than 7. A5 is 100 times more acidic than 7. It?

This means that water from the tap at a temperature of 6.5 is five times more acidic than the center, and almost 10 times more acidic than 7,365 ideal pH level in humans.

Additional alkaline water filters use a simple process of ionisation to split the supplied water into two streams, one of which is more alkaline, and the other, more acidic. Some systems emit acidic water, which can be used in the cleaning method, while others simply reject it.

Alkaline pitchers work a little differently, adding a trace amount of minerals in the water from the tap. As a result, the glass of water is rich with minerals that alter the pH balance of water in the alkaline direction.

To filter or jonizować: that Is the question
This is a big dilemma that faces everyone interested alkaline water is whether to invest in a complex system of ionization, or put on a simple kettle to filter alkaline. Separation it really only comes down to two factors: cost and hassle.

When you invest in a more expensive ionization system, one that connects to the water line, usually under the sink-the kitchen (although sometimes in the frame of the house, flows alkaline water for the kitchen and for the shower), you will pay a lot more money from the mountain, and you have to go through a painful installation process . However, after installation does not require maintenance for several years, depending on the system. It also means that you will not spend more money until it comes time to replace certain parts for later.

Pitchers with filter and refrigerators operate on a little different principle. Because they use simple cartridge to add mineral content in the water from the tap, at the same time filtering dirt, they can be configured to use whatever space is below the sink. The Assembly of this jar, takes only a few minutes, though they must pass through the water for about an hour before you can safely drink it.

The main drawback of the kettle of filtration is the frequent replacement of cartridges. After about two to three months of regular use, you must take the new toner cartridge, which can cost up to $ 100. Within a few years you’ll be paying more for a pitcher filter than if you let tap water alkaline.

Electrolysis is used not only for hair removal
A few years ago, electrolysis was the rage in hair removal. Now, as a huge number of the medical industry, is subordinate to the laser technology. Maybe lasers will play an important role in alkaliczności water, but yet we still use electrolysis to share acidic water from its healthy counterpart.

The process of electrolysis to separate water into its individual components of the atomic was invented by English scientist Michael Faraday in the early nineteenth century.

About 100 years later, scientists in Japan started to use electrolysis to obtain a more acidic water for use in the maintenance of the Botanical. It turned out that fresh flowers are harder than in more acidic water, and the grass stays greener longer in the same conditions.

Of course, these plants have a naturally alkaline deflection, so grow well in an environment with a relatively acid reaction. On the other hand, people need alkaline water to combat the multiple sources of coarse acidity, which can be found in the daily provision of food.

Ionization alkalinity went far East by storm in the 90-ies., but Western experts on health soon began to preach the many benefits of alkaline water. In our days you can buy very expensive bottles of water that have undergone the process of ionization, but you can save much more money by investing in one of these great systems.