Best Airbrush Kits 2017

The airbrush may sound like a tool intimidating, but really it’s just a little device with a pneumatic support, resembling a feather. Airbrush you can spray liquid from the paint to the carcass after food dyes and can be used for drawing on various media. Depending on the type of work, you need a source of air for transfer of air at different PSI.Professionals who work in all sectors in which the staining product should be – like a tattoo, cake decorating and artistry makeup – can use mini airbrush.

Tools for airbrush can achieve a level of detail which you can perform manually, and in addition, they can get a soft look with zero visible brush strokes. This is one reason for which makeup airbrush can achieve incredibly natural end result, which is often impossible even to tell what a person wears makeup. You can aerograficznie literally any surface: from leather to wood, if the component that rozpylasz, compatible with surface. In other words, not rozpylaj paint on a cake – make it so that guests will be sick.

The airbrush must be connected to the air source to work. When you press the release button on aerografie distracting it as the air, as the material is inserted inside. Most aerografów has an internal mixer that provides a stable ratio of air and other material out evenly so you never have any thick areas of paint or other substance in one area.

History of the airbrush
This ingenious little device was not always called airbrush. The first version of the airbrush was named distributor of the paint. A man named Abner peeler centrifuges invented an early version of this tool and eventually sold the patent only $ 850 brothers Liberty and Charles Walkupowi. He had no idea how popular would become his invention.

Paint dispenser consisted of “wheels przeciwwiatrowego” and needle. The placement of the needle closer to the center of the wheel compared to the external borders is to determine how fast the wheel hissed. The needle was connected with a pipe for air supply , as in the original model, all parts were processed separately.

After the idea passed through several owners and several engineers, have turned into what today is called the double action airbrush . In the brush of double action, like air supply and the supply of paint are controlled by the same button that allows jednoręczną,continuous operation.

After making critical changes, the Walkup brothers saw 50 000 USD in sales of common stock and for the money, he founded the Rockford Manufacturing Company.Rockford eventually changed to the Airbrush Manufacturing Company.Liberty Walkup and his wife is a company specializing in retuszem photos from the industry increased its product at various photo exhibitions worldwide, and soon the main company photo zamawiały this product wholesale.

What should be the full set
You can’t achieve the perfect look airbrushed using the airbrush. To begin, you need a few extra items.Your most complete set aerografów includes items that include everything from your needs to your security needs. Really well-designed sets aerografów will be equipped with a respirator for protecting health during close work with toxic materials such as paint. If you are working with objects, intended for consumption such as food dyes probably don’t need to worry about it.

The most basic kits should be equipped with a hose for the airbrush.Can’t screw the tools to airbrush directly to the air source or do not want, because it wprowadziłoby many restrictions in hand movements. At this point the snake. The hose is connected, on the one hand, airbrush, and on the other side to the air source. Not every hose is suitable for any airbrush, so a good idea is the use of a set of products was selected .

Air source is attached to the second end of the hose, the air compressor,which turns energy into potential energy,which is stored in the form of compressed air.There are various types of compressors; you can find your standard compressor in a large shop such as Lowes or Home Depot. They are the best for working on large objects,such as t-shirts or Cycling.If you need more precise compressor for work such as makeup,go to the shop with art and craft – will have the compressors are designed for a smooth ride razor works such as the decoration of nails.

The last element that you should look for is the airbrush holder, which sounds exactly as it sounds. Just like a phone case or ipad holder for your airbrush will protect, this is a very expensive tool,if you drop them on the ground. There’s no reason to not buy,and there are hundreds (dollars) reasons to buy them.