Best Air Compressors 2017

Regardless of whether you are a professional musician, artist, mechanic, or diy home owner, who will appreciate the heavy housework, regular lubrication of the knee, is not always enough to do the job, especially when you need the speed, pressure and power to Your pneumatic tools work correctly. Because of this, you will need a good quality air compressor to maximize efforts and to successfully use these pneumatic tools.

With the help of electric motor , diesel or gas engine, air compressor is a device that turns energy into potential energy accumulated in the compressed air . Using potential energy, we call the energy stored in an object that is not in motion, but can become active. To explain, imagine standing on the top of the stairs. If gravity can pull you down (e.g., Falls), you have potential energy of gravity, even if you are not currently fall down the stairs. If you really fall, you will loose kinetic energy , which is called the energy of motion .

Air compressor accumulates potential energy in the form of compressed air, despite the fact that the air does not move until, until will not be released. Thanks to several methods of compressor to force the air flow in storage tank, which is held under pressure until, until will not be used to power a variety of tools. After the release of air from the tank of the compressor, what was once potential energy, now energy into kinetic energy, as the air is in motion. As the release of air from the compressor reduces the pressure inside the tank. When the pressure reaches the lower limit, the compressor turns on and fills up again capacity in order to use it again.

Air compressors are divided into two method steps, a displacement of positive and negative. In the case of volumetric compressors, the air gets trapped between two moving parts, where it is constantly forced to reduce the volume of the chamber. On the contrary, it increases the volume of air inside the chamber because oxygen is still available. Corken compressors use oil as lubricant at the point of compression engine using the built-in systems designed for removal of oil from the air to prevent possible negative consequences for its publication. In the end, no professional artist of oil coming from the air compressor used for spraying paint on the wall. Compressors negative flows using kinetic energy of rotating elements, to create pressure. These devices operate without the production of real physical movements that require the compressor positive.rotor , thereby suitable for applications with low pressure.

The most common type of compressor positive displacement piston (also known as compressor reciprocating the cartridge ). This device has one-way valves to guide air in the cylindrical chamber which is under pressure. For example, the car engine works on a similar principle, but in the opposite direction, as the internal combustion process of the vehicle moves the piston, not the piston wypychający gas.

Piston compressors are available as single stage or two stage . The single-stage compressor runs, air suction and increase the pressure of the single piston stroke. In the case of adjusting the compressor, the air is drawn and sprężana to an intermediate pressure level during a first stage, and then is passed through the intermediate cooler in the second stage, before its release. Another type of compressor positive displacement – rotation screw compressor , which uses the spiral rotation of the rotor for directing air into the chamber, the volume of which decreases as the rotation of the screws.

There are also dynamic rotating compressors, centrifugal compressors, which are dependent on the energy transfer from the rotating impeller to the air. These devices usually rotate at high speeds than other compressors, which also means that they are more productive because of the continuous flow of their rotors.

Professional matters are the words
Before selecting a compressor, you should define the environment in which you plan to use the device, and the amount of energy required to operate. Largely it depends on the nature of your work. For example, robots, automotive, usually in the garage, so having access to an available electrical outlet is key to determine which device works best. But if you are planning to carry out many construction works in the open air, requiring the use of nails guns or other pneumatic tools without close access to power, consider a portable air compressor. Also useful for inflating sports equipment (e.g. Basketball).

The profession dictates the types of pneumatic tools that apply to the work performed that ultimately determines the best type of compressor. You should spend time to the device that they use, offers all the features and power required to perform the work. Stationary compressors often have a greater capacity to store compressed air, providing the increase in cubic feet per minute (CFM) and pounds per square inch (PSI).

In the end, consider the power source for the selected compressor. The compressor works gas provides the power means of almost any conditions internal or external, which is a benefit for performers and artists at home. However, if you are worried about the transportation of heavy loads at workplaces, the compressor with electric drive can weigh much less, saving you from the heavy lifting.

A brief history of air compressors
The first functional air compressor was human lungs . Najwcześniejsi our ancestors often used their own natural pressure of air to help ignite the fire. This practice, however, there was little practical, as human civilization continues to evolve. By 1500 BC invented a cover that was portable (and later operated with a knife) a flexible bag which is formed a concentrated gust of air that makes it perfect for getting fires at high temperatures.

Fast forward to the year 1762, we find out that a professional engineer John Smeaton designed the unit with water coil, which ultimately replaced the bag. In 1776. Device Smeatona was replaced with a new machine is a blast wynalezioną through John Wilkinson , who became the standard model on which they based further mechanical air compressors.

In the early nineteenth century people started to use air compressors for power transmission. Compressed air injected during drilling in 1861, which was a highly desirable convenience in the construction of the tunnel of Mont Cenis in the Swiss Alps , accelerating the drilling performance to 14.89 feet a day.

Constant innovation gradually began to turn the power and pneumatic devices. Air compressor led to the invention of pipes in pneumatic systems in which air przepływałoby, creating a driving force for the device and paving the way for use of pneumatic tools. The first practical application of the pneumatic tool was a drilling machine for hard rocks , invented by Simon Ingersolla with Ingersoll Rand in 1871. The company has also set Ingersoll air compressors of a kind used for the manufacture of Mount Rushmore in 1927. Currently, there are several types of compressors for different industries. and national application.