Best Adult Coloring Books 2017

We all have active lives, but wouldn’t it be nice to spend some time relieving that stress and business with a small amount of paint? To help You find the time, we’ve created a list of the time and situation in which you can try your hand at some therapeutic colors to stay relaxed .

On the phone. The next time you’re on the phone with his mother, distracting her long complaints of her back and too detailed update of the family drama between uncles with some colors. Even better, stop stress at the source and send mother’s paint. Maybe even suggest you color times to get the true time of setting. This also works when you’re talking on the phone with the mother when planning another visit in your home: take a deep breath, color, and remember that in your life there is at least one place where you can find the colour world.

In the waiting room. Bring your painting to adults at the next meeting with the doctor and work on it in the waiting room. Maybe the administrators will add you to the funny appearance, but I promise you I saw more strange things , and, in addition, your doctor may give you extra points for newfound relief therapeutic.

In the subway. Same as previous item, but in the subway. If you often ride on the subway, you’ll know that people have seen strange things than your adult colors, so proud to paint. Avoid selection of particularly complex images, colors in the subway, because you may have trouble keeping with all the bumps and shaking in the subway.

In the stopped state with the insurance company. Don’t know about you, but I spend a lot of time with my insurance company, and there is a better time for painting? Try to color in time with the music hold, struggling with a terrible bureaucracy. If you finish coloring the whole page before you will be removed from the bags, you can mention it in a formal complaint with the company or with the description of a terrible survival, how long you’ve kept friends.

While watching the TV. Make TV viewing became a bit more attractive thanks to color at the same time! Not only does face a big challenge of multi-tasking, but you will also have to ensure that you look mainly at the hearing, at a time when your eyes are in a different place. Or, in the case of a completely different task, try toning, holding the eye with air conditioning, a TV and see what happens. You can guess what will be good.

During childcare. Show the children how to care for the child that you are a child at heart, bringing his painting to adults for a session of nannies. Thus, you don’t have to pretend you like the color, their coloring, but instead you can enjoy something a little more complicated. Staining with children will make you will look as if he could to identify with them, so that may be a little to facilitate the child’s session, but we cannot guarantee this. Of course, this can also have a negative impact on what is a joke to you that you’re an adult who colors, but because we all know how brutally honest they may be, it’s sting.

In the tub. If you really want to relax relax, bring a book for coloring in next time, when you’re ready for a long, soothing bath. The doubling of the level of relaxation, you can be sure that your attempts stress-relieving will become effective. Just be careful not to drop the coloring in this water with soap, because all your hard work painting will go down the drain!

When you are stuck in traffic. Only if you’re not driving, of course. The movement is almost certainly the most stress, with which most of us face regularly, so it is best to relieve stress by using certain colors. Be aware of the fight “stop and go” which can reset your color scheme, or then, think of this abstract approach.

Before the big date. There’s nothing more unsettling than to wait until the date that annoys You, so get out the way your mind sit with a book for coloring. If the date goes really well, maybe you’ll even have the chance to show them what colored later on. Just don’t mention it until you are sure that really loves you.

After a fight with your significant other. Nothing says ochłodo as a coloring book after the great battle. It is very eloquent, but if your a significant person sees you coloring, make sure she looks sad . If successful coloring in these photos until you solve the problem, you can send the wrong message.

In the toilet. Throw away the pile of magazines that sat in your closet for the last year, and replace them in several colorings. Great, I know.

Drunk with friends. Doesn’t that sound like a lot of fun? Only do not forget to promise himself that he would not return to kindergarten, shedding tears over the pastels that you used to until your boyfriend took her, and then accidentally broke it. No tears, only pleasure.

During a break in social media. Next time swear off all the social networks fill the void in his time coloring. If all goes well, you will feel all the colors that you missed and will never go for a temporary evil in social networks. Wouldn’t it be nice?

Coloring pages for adults since 1960-ies: Vehicles for political satire
While today, coloring books for adults primarily, as a medicine przeciwstresowe , these 60 years. The XX century was much more freelancing and met with the role and were often burdened with politically. Because early coloring books for adults have a long and interesting history, we have created a list that will teach You everything.

At a time when, in 1961. “Coloring book the Executive”, it seems, in the presentation relatively boring, corporate pictures taken from the life of Director of the business, his signature show a more vicious, satirical businessmen. Signature submitted by the contractor together with the other sounds in the Elevator: “This is my Elevator that lifts me up, people who are not managers, they stand beside me in the Elevator, but it’s all right, but I don’t want my daughter to marry one of them. “On another photo run to keep your suit on while in clothes for work, the inscription says: “This is my costume, gray color, or I will lose my job.” These signatures illustrate the cultural, the subversive and satirical tone used in the books for adults coloring with the 60-ies. The XX century.

The coloring books for adults, which followed later, included the 1962 “JFK Coloring book” mort Drucker, who for 14 weeks were on the list of New York Times bestsellers Non-Fiction, as well as the “New Frontier Coloring Book” by Joe B. Nation, both with satire aimed at President Kennedy. “Book JFK” show caricatures of members of the Kennedy family, on every page, along with subtitles in English, in which the narrative is written from the point of view of the child. For example, on the page with the picture of President Kennedy displays the text: “This is my father, has a good job, works for the government, paints it in red, white and blue, my dad is very important. people who work for him, will do everything possible for my father.

Also appeared in 1962. Coloring who worked for the Communist przestrachach and teoretykach conspiracy. “Top Secret Book” Khrushchev “satyryzował Soviet communism and its leaders, as we can conclude from the book title, which refers to Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev . Interesting fact: Khrushchev was the man behind destalinizacją and the Soviet space program . While this book in this book satyrycznie Communists, others criticized the conspiracy theorists zaabsorbowanych the threat of communism as it did in the case of “Coloring of the John Birch Society”, named from the anti-Communist John Birch Society . To give you an idea, one stronaprzedstawia the Liberty Bell, in chains, along with the caption: “This is our new national symbol, the name of the melody security.” On the other side is a rocking chair chair with their accompanying caption: “This is a symbol of the New Boundaries, gives a sense of movement, not bringing us anywhere”.

And then there were coloring books such as “The Hipster Coloring Book,” also published in 1962, which satyryzował version hipsterską since the sixties. (Yes, the hipsters were in fact from the end of the fifties.) Here are the subtitles wyśmiewały lifestyle hipstersów and their slang – for example, one inscription reads: “This house Hipstera. Spends a lot of time in his notebook, sometimes, many times, it is a society on its platform. In this example, the signature KPIs the adoption of the definition of “puck” describing someone’s home. But, as you can see, the subtitles in the books for painting become less clever in their satyrze, rather than simply to imitate and laugh with lifestyle and organization, which is usually considered the minimum.