Best 4k Projectors 2017

SLR technology has come a long way from being despicable, reflecting a consultant for the Wicked Queen of Snow White. And when somewhere along the way we lost the ability to interact with our mirrors on a personal level or prophetic, we have used and other exciting opportunities with mirrors that we made are exceptionally small.

For example, in the projector digital light that represents your image is reflected from a number of incredibly small mirrors called Digital devices Mikrometrycznym, before reaching the lens, which provides maximum sharpness. These mirrors are in the form of small squares, generally have only five micrometers in diameter. MIC for recording-that’s one millionth of a meter.

Despite their small stature, mirrors inside the DMD are not cumulative with the same number of pixels present in a predetermined way. Projector 4K resolution displays the image, which must contain 8 294 400 pixels, but the average DMD contains only half of the mirrors . On the one hand, this is because the flawless production of millions of microscopic mirrors is quite expensive. On the other hand, this is because the scientific minds that projektowały your projector, know that your eyes can’t discern.

Due to the phenomenon called wobulacją , these projectors must provide you only about half of the required information in this box, because the projection goes to the next frame, before your mind can ever catch up. It is also convenient because of the cost of production, what framerate the human brain is shamefully slow, even in comparison with the speed of 24 frames per second movie.

Home sweet home theater
Less than ever, it seems that they are interested in movies. Between car Parking, flights and prices, it is often better to stay home. Positive blipy in numbers should not fool you; the industry is in trouble. Once in a while will not be a good year, increasing during the subsequent success among the major Studios’ a great tentpole franchises such as Star Wars, or Jurassic Park, but the anomalies in a consistent downward trend. With these some major exceptions, no one can accurately predict what new properties will have any success.

This uncertainty leads unfortunately to a sharp rise in ticket prices and discounts. For example, in the early 90-ies., to get to the video , it is worth about 3,50 UAH , but if you keep the ticket, many places will allow You to go through the whole day. Popcorn was 1.50 $ for a big and small box of chocolates was worth no more than $ 1.25. Soda is even less.

Currently, all that we gathered, even brought you popcorn, not to mention the fact that you walked in the door and saw the film. More and more people upgrade their home theater system to provide them with a form of entertainment moviegoers that they were looking for at Main Street.

That does not mean that these projectors are intended only for movie lovers. Television sports programs and a well-made show look fantastic, especially when played on these individuals with the zoom feature to fully use your flows HD 1080p, while we wait on the market as well as local network speed Internet to catch up to 4K. And players love a good projector to get the available depth of details in black.

Some projectors handle the games better than others, while others are better suited for translation movie with high resolution. Find out what you want to use the projector to proceed to purchase and you will get the best for many years.

The projection was Born in the dark
To understand where the modern projection, it is necessary to reach almost 2500 years to the Chinese philosopher Mozi , who created the first known recorded reference to a pinhole camera . It is a device that transmits light through a very small hole, focuses and redirects them to the makeshift screen surface, can be as small as a Shoe box or the size of the entire room.

Think about peryskopie or baby glass-spy, which lets you see around corners and you understand how it works pinhole camera. These two examples will be based on in which original projects pinhole camera allows its mirror surface to reflect an image on a flat surface such as a wall of wood or stone.

Ultimately, innovators experimented with the means for the preservation of images on these surfaces and bring photos, movie. About 150 years later, digital recording of images is changing the industry, which led to a new wave of technology.

Indeed, if you follow the path that the light passes through a modern digital projector, from those times, little has changed . We use only concentrated, more powerful light sources, transforming the original image to appear erected during projection, and we have a huge number of microscopic small mirrors instead of one mirror, which transmits images to the precision of the lens.